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August 29, 2006 1 comment

I’ve just had a fabulous holiday in ex-Yugoslavia; I’d recommend a trip to Croatia and Slovenia to anyone, with the possible exception of people I dislike.

The new-found prosperity in both countries is amazing, given their past of communist stagnation and civil war – even in Slovenia, albeit briefly – as is the scenery. And the mountainous railway journey from Split to Zagreb is simply fabulous, except for people who suffer from motion sickness (such as my girlfriend, who enjoyed the view rather less than I did).

Vaguely relatedly, given that Slovenia is planning to replace its currency with the Euro in January 2007, I’ve written a piece at The Sharpener using economic data to address a couple of bizarre anti-Euro myths.

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What I’ve been up to

August 15, 2006 1 comment

Mostly, I’ve been working and having a life. However, I’ve also written a couple of articles that have gone up at The Sharpener: Defend the Lords (by electing them) and It’s morally right that people should die for my amusement. I’d rate them as worth a read, but then I would, wouldn’t I?

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