Just in case your blog is Top Sekrit

[sorry, this post is written in Incomprehensible Geek. If you don't understand what the four letters and three characters before "www.johnband.org" on your screen to the top-left of this post mean, then it's not for you. On the other hand, if you're using a browser esoteric enough that the address isn't displayed Up Top, then … Continue reading Just in case your blog is Top Sekrit


Apparently it's Daniel Davies Day today (even if the TV schedulers and sellers of greetings cards have failed to notice). In tribute, I'm linking to his two best ever pieces: It was a wonderful headbutt and (allegedly, pseudonymously) Why the Bombings Mean That We Must Support My Politics. If you don't follow Dan's writing, a) … Continue reading Dcubed

Who’ll we get to run our bank?

I'd thought it was a nearly-amusing coincidence that Northern Rock's ex-chairman Matt Ridley shared a name with the journalist and science writer. But no, apparently they're the same guy. Now, I know that chairman is a non-exec role, but even so - if I were selecting a chairman for a major bank, I'd probably opt … Continue reading Who’ll we get to run our bank?