NHS food ‘OK, considering’

From the Observer: Of 377 National Health Service and private hospitals surveyed in England, 173 - 46 per cent - were found to have poor cleanliness in their kitchens, or canteens or cafes used by staff, patients and visitors. Nine of the 377 were private hospitals, of which six were found to have at least … Continue reading NHS food ‘OK, considering’

Possibly I think about bad 80s pop too much

From a piece on feminist attitudes to pornography: Also, we always tend to worry about blue-collar dudes knocking one off over Zoo in factory toilets. What about the way people like Sade might be taught in lecture theatres, for instance? To my shame, my first thoughts on reading this paragraph were: 1) how the hell … Continue reading Possibly I think about bad 80s pop too much

How journalism works (part n of n^x)

Do you remember the Terrible Story of Lawless British Youth from last year, of the Evil Callous Teens who squished bowling alley technician Ferdinand Dela Cruz to death by chucking a ball at the machine he was working on, triggering the mechanism? Some months later following an inquest, it turns out that the poor bloke … Continue reading How journalism works (part n of n^x)

Indians and drugs

It's not especially surprising to see a BBC article that looks at the start of a potential major positive in a country's economic position, and then gets the consequences utterly wrong (this isn't particularly having a go at the BBC for being leftie - the Times, Telegraph and Daily Wail are equally economically illiterate at … Continue reading Indians and drugs