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Half-arsed fallacy

This is a great logical argument:

1) A pretentious man claims that CDs aren’t as good as vinyl, despite the fact that they are;

2) If you compress a song to MP3, it doesn’t sounds all that great compared to an uncompressed song. People increasingly listen to MP3s on their personal music players, instead of, err, tapes;

3) Overproduced records by mediocre bands can sound quite good, but aren’t as distinctive as great records by great bands. There are more of the former than the latter;

THEREFORE: music is dead as an artform.

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  1. Neil
    January 10, 2008 at 3:46 am | #1

    Mr "I can't tell who the drummer is" needs to listen to some modern music, I reckon. Chris Polglase springs to mind.

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