How journalism works, part N

From Flat Earth News by Nick Davies:

I spoke to a man who had worked for the Daily Mail for some years as a senior news reporter. He said: ‘They phoned me early one morning and told me to drive about three hundred miles to cover a murder. It was a woman and two children who’d been killed. I got an hour and a half into the journey, and the news desk called me on my mobile and said, “Come back.” I said, “Why’s that?” They said, “They’re black.”


2 thoughts on “How journalism works, part N”

  1. Nice one John. I'm sure its true.

    The weight particular news groups of power-players put behind certain news stories is a scandel.

  2. I'd recommend checking out Season 5 of The Wire for some excellent commentary on this issue. That is, if I was the sort of person who recommended downloading US TV shows on bittorrent.

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