Gun crime is getting worse

No, not "more severe", just "less effective": Firearms offences also increased, up 4% in the whole of 2007 to 9,967... however, gun deaths fell to 49, seven fewer than in the previous 12 months. What's wrong with kids today? I'm fairly sure that even when I was 15, I could have achieved a better-than-0.5% hit-rate... … Continue reading Gun crime is getting worse

A lie has a good ending

Today's "this is what the Internet was invented for" site is the automatic random proverb generator. Favourites it's given me include: Blood is thicker than the eye of the beholder. He who lives by the sword shall die by a vacuum. A little learning is money. Quality stuff. From B3ta, obviously. As is this link: … Continue reading A lie has a good ending

Sky in ‘not falling’ shock

Here is a table showing projected growth in real GDP per capita [*] for 2007-08, according to IMF data released this month: 2007-082008-092009-10 Canada0.0%0.6%2.0% France0.8%0.7%2.0% Germany1.5%1.1%1.9% Italy-0.1%-0.1%0.4% Japan1.4%1.6%1.8% United Kingdom1.3%1.4%2.1% United States-0.5%-0.4%1.9% In other words, credible independent people who understand economic forecasting (note: not people who couldn't tell GDP from a CDR but who think … Continue reading Sky in ‘not falling’ shock

I’d defend to the death your right to say anything… err, except for that

A question for the multiplicity of blogging non-bigots [*] who support the Ham & High's decision to run an advert for the BNP ahead of the current London elections on Voltaire-ish 'free speech for all, however disgraceful' grounds: would you have supported the H&H on the same grounds had it run an advert advocating the … Continue reading I’d defend to the death your right to say anything… err, except for that

Life is, indeed, skittles and beer

Tom Lehrer is 80 today. Which is nice, since when I saw references to him on other blogs I assumed he'd died. Sheer genius. I'm entertained by this comment from CT: The world really needs more like him – brilliant math teachers who are brilliant parodists and public intellectuals on the side. Yes, this is … Continue reading Life is, indeed, skittles and beer