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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

  • Lunch & wine are required. #
  • The Last Boleyn Girl seems about as terrible as that sort of shit usually is. Hoping Jess will tire of it before we miss House #
  • Sorry, director, The Other Boleyn Girl was OK. Scarlett Johansson was heartbreakingly beautiful, but I suppose that’s what she’s for. #
  • I love Mondays. Oh, wait, no, it’s that other one… ‘hate’, that’s the bunny. #
  • Trying to decide which of ‘hunger’ and ‘not wanting to be rained on’ is most important motivator for me #
  • Call me a bleeding heart eejit, but 4 years in jail for sending pervy emails to 15-year-olds seems kind-of harsh: http://tinyurl.com/ktsd4k #
  • Wondering whether or not it was a good idea to use the same name as my Twitter ID and my online dating ID #
  • RT @dnotice I forgot to take my #homeopathy pill last night. Does this mean I’ve overdosed? #science #
  • A rather sweet Yank perspective on London; somehow it feels like it’s from 30 years ago… http://is.gd/13qcc #
  • RT @antonvowl I’m worried about my cloak of anonymity. I’m sure I had it around here somewhere #
  • No, he took *some of your vast fortune*, not your life, you daft overmaterialist twat: http://tinyurl.com/nouqzp #
  • RT @bengoldacre Anonymous blogger exposed by Eady: can we expose bad judges please? http://tr.im/oJaa – I’m angrier, but he hits the point #
  • XKCD made me laugh out loud at my desk today: http://xkcd.com/598/ #
  • Can’t read the word ‘particleboard’ without thinking of http://is.gd/14lUF , which is a problem given that I publish http://is.gd/14lYA #
  • Absolutely excellent: http://is.gd/14pnL #
  • This comment is also good: http://tinyurl.com/lwognm #
  • RT @Herring1967 Who is Virgilio Anderson? Please Retweet. #virgilioanderson #
  • RT @widnblog Prisons released from mere function http://tinyurl.com/m5fef3 #
  • Richard Rogers is excellent; if you don’t like his work you’re a philistine and almost certainly have a small penis. FACT #
  • (yes, even if you’re a girl) #
  • Lefties, lefties will tear themselves apart, again #politicsinjokes #rupertreadisatwat #
  • Harmless comedians jailed for, err, nothing: http://bit.ly/17tyCL – graffiti is jolly and harmless; if you mind it, you’re a cunt #
  • & no, they didn’t ‘cost the taxpayer gbp70k’, TfL’s insane practice of erasing graffiti urgently instead of waiting til the next repaint did #
  • RT @edent: http://twitpic.com/7n0jr A police officer has just asked me to delete this photo of her van in a disabled bay #
  • Home educators really are paranoid loons: http://is.gd/15j8B – and no, that doesn’t mean I think HE should be banned, just regulated… #
  • RT @mrpower Why do environmentalists trust science when it comes to climate change but not genetic engineering? http://is.gd/15qdo #
  • Dragna, Quality name. Girl/dragon/combo. I like. Staying out tonight = unequivocally worthwhile #
  • RT @anniemole Hope you’re all smiling as today’s apparently the happiest day of the year http://is.gd/169Z4 #
  • Actually I’m grimly clinging onto consciousness trying to ignore the world’s most epic hangover, but chacun a son gout etc. #
  • “Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall” is a twat #
  • Quality trompe l’oeil: http://bit.ly/IFfSb – I’m hoping for outcome no. 1 #ihatecyclists (via @LDN) #
  • Today is dragging. #
  • RT @antonvowl @bounder – Worst Daily Mail poll ever. Vote yes to skew the results and pass it on http://bit.ly/w4b6Q #
  • Just heard 1 Canada Square described as the “Thatcher Memorial Obelisk”. That’s quite wonderful. #
  • Haha, excellent: http://bit.ly/ntv9V #
  • (I’ve just been bummed by a) Priest #irishmovies #
  • One Wedding, A Fight, and Four Funerals #irishmovies #
  • This is epic skillz – http://is.gd/16Hob – and reminds me of the time my friend met Nina Simone #
  • Sorry, that was supposed to be RT’d @anattendantlord #
  • Michael Collins (would have made a good president instead of that useless hick twat Valera, shame the IRA shot him) #irishmovies #
  • Sean of the Dead #irishmovies #
  • Correlli Barnett claims to be a historian. He is mistaken: http://is.gd/17eiB – least accurate account of 20th century UK history EVER #
  • I caught @mrpower lying on http://www.twables.com/twotweetslie/guess/mrpower #twables #
  • If you can’t find the Fritzl book, another Father’s Day option: http://bit.ly/HCfJ1 #
  • This is unspeakably vile: http://tinyurl.com/kmx8og #hangthedailymailandeveryonewhobuysit #

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  1. EP
    June 22, 2009 at 10:09 am | #1

    With regards to Nightjack's outing, (the second public blogger outing by the Times), perhaps the Blogosphere (insofar as it can be considered a unit) should make it policy to out sources used by the Times wherever possible. If journalist's sources can remain anonymous, what are Bloggers if not self publishing sources?

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