Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

Lunch & wine are required. # The Last Boleyn Girl seems about as terrible as that sort of shit usually is. Hoping Jess will tire of it before we miss House # Sorry, director, The Other Boleyn Girl was OK. Scarlett Johansson was heartbreakingly beautiful, but I suppose that's what she's for. # I love … Continue reading Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

Corrigan FTW

David Mitchell is entirely correct on the wheelie bin pseudo-scandal, as one might expect: I can almost hear the Oxfam advert: "This is Andrea. Every week, she has to walk three bins all the way down the street, round the corner and into the backyard. It's either that or people will see her bins. It's … Continue reading Corrigan FTW

Strikes: yes; wildcats: no

From the list of 'things that don't get said very often', here's a very sensible comment from CiF on the Total refinery strike: I'm very sorry to say it, but these wildcat strikers are idiots. Nothing wrong with striking at all - but always, always, always make sure it is an official strike endorsed by … Continue reading Strikes: yes; wildcats: no

We write letters

Just sent this letter to the Observer's readers editor: Re: 'Light-touch' reforms raise fears of new bank disaster This article from Sunday 12 June has one of the most inaccurate sentences I've ever seen anywhere: "Critics point out that it was a subsidiary of Northern Rock, Granite, that contained the liabilities that led to the … Continue reading We write letters

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14

Can some Eurologist like @nosemonkey explain how the BNP got a seat in NW on 8% of vote, but not in E Mids or NE on more than that? # RT @qwghlm In case you haven't seen it already, B3ta sums it up best #theBNParetwats # Thanks everyone. Why on earth didn't they make … Continue reading Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14