What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-07-25

"the one genuine example of 'political correctness' is the one that stops us from saying 'racist' to describe racism" http://bit.ly/dnL8mD # Yet another entry in the LONG 'reasons to loathe and despise #Singapore' file: http://bit.ly/aORW6Z # Metrics on Times paywall experiment: http://bit.ly/blw5gi - in short, web paywall FAIL, iPad paid app WIN. Or "the Guardian … Continue reading What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-07-25

Shorter this post: don’t BACAI

1) no act that is committed without malicious intent can ever be morally wrong, no matter what its consequences are. 2) if you are harmed by something that wasn't malicious, you have an absolute moral duty to forgive whoever did it. 3) people who fail to forgive people who've non-maliciously harmed them are the worst … Continue reading Shorter this post: don’t BACAI

Maxtone-Graham-Simpson-Win also OMFG

Sometimes, people judge on outcomes. For example, the excitable Twitter idiot johnb78: For example: anyone who thinks that Paul Foot is a bad man because James Hanratty turned out guilty is a worthless idiot - because although JH was guilty, he shouldn't have been hanged on the falisfied evidence that was presented in his case. … Continue reading Maxtone-Graham-Simpson-Win also OMFG

Why isn’t there a new Bond movie?

Yes, I know MGM (or, more accurately, the latest in a long bunch of shysters to own the rights to the MGM name and to make James Bond movies) are in serious financial trouble. But if I was in serious financial trouble, and I owned a money tree, but I couldn't afford to harvest the … Continue reading Why isn’t there a new Bond movie?

No, the Old Spice campaign hasn’t failed

There seems to be a meme floating around the social marketing world at the moment that the super-notorious Old Spice mass media and viral ad campaign has failed to drive sales, despite grabbing mindshare and winning awards. This seems to be based on a Brandweek article that isn't available on their website (w00t new media … Continue reading No, the Old Spice campaign hasn’t failed

Small company woes

The office manager/PA/secretary at my current workplace is a thoroughly excellent sort, and is absolutely aces at office managing, PA-ing, etc. However, an IT procurement expert she is not - and listening to her on the phone to IT vendors is more than a little painful. The *headdesks* and *facepalms* on the other end of … Continue reading Small company woes