That ‘Americans pay for drug R&D’ point

In the unlikely event that you've fallen for the absurd myth "US healthcare is really expensive because they pay for the rest of the world's drug development"... Total global pharma R&D spending was US$53bn for 2004 (it won't have order-of-magnitude changed since then). US healthcare spending was US$2.4 trillion for 2007. So even if you … Continue reading That ‘Americans pay for drug R&D’ point

See #15 for my judgement

I gave you all an extra few days, but you still failed. NRG got 1.5 and neither was the obvious Kinks example, so he wins a Babylon Zoo album. Email details and I'll post it. Meanwhile, Anton gets the cash alternative to two Babylon Zoo albums, which is being hit round the head with a … Continue reading See #15 for my judgement

What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-08-09

I backed a horse that came in at ten to one. unfortunately it was running in the 1130 #oldjokesfornogoodreason # (yes, I know that slating alcohol marketing isn't normally how I roll, but the JW ad was fucking egregious) # Sometimes I forget ppl like @hematuria and @anattendantlord are many hrs ahead, and briefly assume … Continue reading What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-08-09

Lyric translation quiz – WIN BIG PRIZES

Someone's built a website that translates phrases repeatedly into Japanese and back until the phrase stays the same in both languages. So, for a Crazy Friday Competition, I fed in a bunch of lyrics - pretty much all indie/rock stuff from the 1960s through to the 2000s, if that helps - and you have to … Continue reading Lyric translation quiz – WIN BIG PRIZES

British negativism versus reality

From CiF: We managed to add a 5th terminal to Heathrow without too many problems - apart from some lost baggage in the immediate aftermath; which, while tiresome, was hardly a showstopper. Trouble is, with our infinite capacity to see the negative, this was seen as some kind of apocalyptic proof of how useless we … Continue reading British negativism versus reality