Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-07

  • UKIP aren’t just comedy loons, they’re lying bigots: #ukiparetwats #
  • Green Party in ‘don’t understand decentralised decision-making or economics; are hacks’ shock: #
  • Eric Moody may be an ex-BA captain, but he’s also a disgraceful rentaquote hack: #
  • CNN were reading off messageboard posts from an unmoderated aeroplane fans’ forum last night as expert commentary on AF447 #
  • …so @themanwhofell on right track with ‘TWITTERNEWS’, TV with unsubstantiated news snippets broadcast by admin clerks in NW11 #twitternews #
  • Heh: RT @qwghlm Yeah I’m also watching my DVDs of LOST tonight for full poor taste experience #
  • RT @qwghlm Since voting for a minor party is our best hope of keeping out the BNP, I’m seriously considering voting Labour tomorrow #
  • Good night. Strange night. Suppose that’s how it goes… #
  • Haha, survivalism at its best RT @widnblog Chinese billionaires build Noah’s Ark to tide over recession #
  • RT @twentymajor When will celebrities learn that strangley wanks are best avoided? Or at least have someone do the strangling for you. #
  • RT @ironmanrecords good to see BNP candidates get extra use out of suits they normally just use for court appearances #theBNParetwats #
  • 92% of London Daily News readers in ‘are paranoid idiots’ shock: #
  • Why are ballot papers in alphabetical order anyway? Surely they should be randomised…? #
  • & yup, just voted. Decided that ‘not corrupt’ and ‘not evil’ trumped ‘sensible about medical science’, for an EU seat at least #
  • Can’t believe people still care about this shit. It’s even more tedious and dated than Westminster politics #bb10 #
  • YES, THIS! RT @emeraldbile How tedious – all those Labour chavs who diddled the pin money are leaving or something. Yawny yawny cunt cunt. #
  • Water ‘wet’: #
  • For anyone who voted BNP on Thursday, this:
    #thebnparetwats #
  • If you liked Happy Tree Friends, this: #
  • Do not click this link. NSFW, or indeed anywhere else: #
  • Every ninth person in Leicester is a cunt RT @tipexxed 26,279 people in Leics voted BNP, 12% of those who voted. One in every 8.5 people. #
  • The ignorant bastards commenting on this excellent article should all be hanged: #
  • I’m not, in general, a fan of Tory politicians, but Mary Scanlon MSP is t3h excellents: #

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The uniforms were also pretty

Quote of the day:

I’m not sure I can vote UKIP: rather like voting for Hitler because you like his re-armament policies and hope that the bit about the Jews was mostly for show..

Starting a single-issue party that’s obsessively dedicated to ending a flawed-but-democratically-elected transnational institution’s influence over what happens in your country by no means proves or entails that you’re a xenophobe. And the fact that there’s smoke pouring out of your dashboard by no means proves or entails that your car’s on fire.

Oh, and out of fairness and accuracy I should also point out that Green healthcare policy is mental-bordering-on-evil. I can see the point of voting for either party if you’ve given up on everyone else on the right/left, but do so while being very aware that if either were elected now, they’d be significantly worse than any of the big games in town.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

  • Not enjoying return to work. Feel utterly poleaxed, even though Monday was a day of great sobriety and moderation. #
  • “What’s *like* Butt Hole but slightly more polite?” “I know, ‘Archer’!” #
  • @antonvowl @billybragg bloody hell, that’s some scary voodoo you’ve got there #
  • Germans in ‘even more terrifyingly insane than us’ award: #
  • Early night. Tour of half-built railway line in the morning. Good follow-up to silly weekend. #
  • @bloggerheads shame Izzard didn’t mention that best way to keep #thebnparetwats out is voting green #
  • I wwonder if ppl who thought falling £/$ rates = OMG WE’RE FUXXORED now think we’re in a new age of milk and honey #
  • Just overheard in office: “the bad news is you’re sacked, the good news is not yet so get on with your work” #
  • I *think* it was a joke #
  • “Banking industry now held in such contempt customers feel safer handing money to people who are openly Spanish” #
  • I now have 5 hours of recurring-forever meetings scheduled every single Monday, starting at 9AM. Woo. #
  • @mrpower wow, that’s some of the silliest nonsense I’ve ever read, even by US right-wing-blog standards never mind MSM in reply to mrpower #
  • Surely this should be Comic Sans? #
  • @antonvowl indeed. Hence, if I wanted to rile a typography lover, I’d use Comic Sans rather than Papyrus… #
  • Quality old joke repurposing: RT @chickyog Bill Cash: ‘my flat was incredibly small.’ Yeah, and so’s my violin, mate. #
  • @catdonnelly insert ‘careless wispa’ gag #
  • RT @antonvowl Dear Iain Dale, I think Nadine Dorries is a twat. This doesn’t mean I think you’re a twat. But as it happens, I do. #
  • I totally did this, and it totally worked: #
  • Grass “greener on other side”: #
  • “As you all know I’m a big fan of 70s prog/synth rock soundtracks to italian horror movies” is not a good way to begin an email #
  • I bought some trendy East German sneakers on ebay. Bastards reported me to the Stasi #
  • A guide to right-wing thought – RT @dnotice: Why the X hate the Y #
  • arr. too hungover. can you get new heads on eBay? #
  • @dnotice I’ve already got one of those! I want an unshrunken, unpickled, thoroughly hydrated one… #

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Longer Fraser Nelson

What the ignorant paranoiac says:

The threat [of Terribly Bad Things if the Tories don’t abolish all public services, taxes, etc] is abstract, but needs to be made real.

What this means:

There isn’t actually a disastrous crisis that means we’ll need to abolish all public services, taxes, etc, but if we lie that there is one then we might get away with doing so anyway.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-24

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