Strikes: yes; wildcats: no

From the list of 'things that don't get said very often', here's a very sensible comment from CiF on the Total refinery strike: I'm very sorry to say it, but these wildcat strikers are idiots. Nothing wrong with striking at all - but always, always, always make sure it is an official strike endorsed by … Continue reading Strikes: yes; wildcats: no

We write letters

Just sent this letter to the Observer's readers editor: Re: 'Light-touch' reforms raise fears of new bank disaster This article from Sunday 12 June has one of the most inaccurate sentences I've ever seen anywhere: "Critics point out that it was a subsidiary of Northern Rock, Granite, that contained the liabilities that led to the … Continue reading We write letters

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14

Can some Eurologist like @nosemonkey explain how the BNP got a seat in NW on 8% of vote, but not in E Mids or NE on more than that? # RT @qwghlm In case you haven't seen it already, B3ta sums it up best #theBNParetwats # Thanks everyone. Why on earth didn't they make … Continue reading Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14

Old Crow from the archives

I think pretty much everything in my RMT piece from last summer still applies today. Note in particular: 1) Low turnout and non-spectacular majority indicating this is a Crow effort not grassroots; 2) Tories using the RMT's intransigence to lobby for (even) more draconian public sector anti-strike rules; 3) DLR, Thameslink, Overground are all working … Continue reading Old Crow from the archives