Always follow the Herring Convention

Richard Herring has come up with an excellent solution to the problem of 'person in your way, what to do?', and backed it up with impeccable Science and Logic. In short - go left, and slate anyone who doesn't, and all will be mathematically fine. Now, if Mr Herring can also solve the issue of … Continue reading Always follow the Herring Convention

Obligatory Manuelgate post

Andrew at Wongablog has the best take on this: it wasn't a 'prank call' in the "we'll call someone out of the blue and harass them" sense, there wasn't any deliberate intent to offend Andrew Sachs - and the man is a holocaust survivor who's most famous for a very funny and very offensive portrayal … Continue reading Obligatory Manuelgate post

It’s not about the Scots, it’s about the institutional memory

So, we've been talking about the UK side of the banking crisis on Crooked Timber, and the discussion has taken a mildly anti-Scottish turn. Now, that's just wrong - although three of the UK's largest retail banks pre-crisis were technically Scottish companies (Lloyds TSB, HBOS and RBS), only RBS was genuinely run out of Scotland … Continue reading It’s not about the Scots, it’s about the institutional memory

Modest proposal

Mark W has an excellent idea for getting the bank bail-outs off the government's books: Gummint invests £50 billion in new bank shares. AIH, gummint spending is about £50 billion per month. Solution: for the next one month, all public sector salaries, welfare and pensions payments etc will be paid in bank shares! Truly, a … Continue reading Modest proposal

Another get-rich-quick scheme thwarted

I'm deeply annoyed that I work for a company that places onerous restrictions on my ability to trade shares, even on my personal account - if I didn't, then I'd pile some serious money into HBOS stock right now... September 17 update: Fuckery. That's £3,000 I would have made, buying at 150 yesterday and selling … Continue reading Another get-rich-quick scheme thwarted