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1) This website keeps disappearing. If it happens again I’m going to have to kill my hosting provider. Which is a shame, since I’ve met him and he’s a nice chap.

2) I’d forgotten I said this: “blogging is a bunch of midgets fighting over bugger all”.

3) The Sharpener, which is not a bunch of midgets fighting over bugger all, is back with a new look, new contributors and regular updates. Yay!

Let the inept subsidise me

I’m a great fan of governments and companies making their money from voluntary, rather than compulsory, charges. The lottery is an excellent example. Another, outside of the government sphere, is personal banking. There are generally no charges for holding a UK current account or credit card, and you can usually get the kind of quality deal that means the bank is paying you for your custom (the fact that it’s free almost makes up for the fact that the industry has no concept of customer service).
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Vicariously sporting

One of the things I like about my current house is that from my bedroom window if the wind’s right, I can hear:
* the crowd chants and tannoy from the football stadium;
* the announcements from the mainline station.
I’m not being sarky, either. London is great.

(and welcome, Tim-readers. This site isn’t entirely ready yet, but feel free to click about and have a look…)