Crooked Timber comments deliver, again

From a post on the correlation between studying engineering and becoming a violent extremist, commenter Tom Bach: Hitler was notoriously lazy and profoundly ignorant; in large measure because he never studied anything and read less. He enjoyed rambling monologues filled with made up facts. Commenter Stuart: It sounds as if Hitler had been born a … Continue reading Crooked Timber comments deliver, again

A gift for old times’ sake

The Awl, which is still excellent, has a poem purportedly in the style of Philip Larkin on the UK cuts crowdsourcing farce: An Elegy For England We sold the swans for meat and all the toffs came 'round to feast Big Ben went to a very wealthy sultan from the East The price we put … Continue reading A gift for old times’ sake

And the JB returns

Apologies for complete lack of recent content: I've been assortedly in the UK and Hong Kong, trying to squeeze a year's worth of catching up with people, a wedding and a stag do into two and a half weeks. I'm now planning to chain myself to the desk for a couple of weeks and do … Continue reading And the JB returns

Shorter this post: don’t BACAI

1) no act that is committed without malicious intent can ever be morally wrong, no matter what its consequences are. 2) if you are harmed by something that wasn't malicious, you have an absolute moral duty to forgive whoever did it. 3) people who fail to forgive people who've non-maliciously harmed them are the worst … Continue reading Shorter this post: don’t BACAI

Maxtone-Graham-Simpson-Win also OMFG

Sometimes, people judge on outcomes. For example, the excitable Twitter idiot johnb78: For example: anyone who thinks that Paul Foot is a bad man because James Hanratty turned out guilty is a worthless idiot - because although JH was guilty, he shouldn't have been hanged on the falisfied evidence that was presented in his case. … Continue reading Maxtone-Graham-Simpson-Win also OMFG

What makes me angriest? Quebec.

There are many things in life that rile me. But in terms of 'obvious, absurd, insane unfairness that's tolerated for absolutely no sensible reason at all', Quebec is top. In most countries that have real languages and joke languages that are indulged, the joke language that's indulged is the language of the people the land … Continue reading What makes me angriest? Quebec.