15% of people inexplicably weird

Rather depressingly:

Fifty-six per cent of the public agree that “the greatest victims of discrimination in Britain these days are often ordinary white men”

Now, this is obviously false, and anyone who believes it is either deluded, moronic or both. If you’re a selfish white male, however, it’s at least rational to express the belief in the hope that if the myth becomes accepted, it’ll be easier for you to maintain your privileges.

However, only 41% of the population are white British males. So, even assuming that all white males are either selfish or idiots, 15% of the remaining population are so brainwashed that they actually believe this nonsense against their own best interests.

Which is pretty much as clear a demonstration as you’re going to get anywhere that The Patriarchy is still thoroughly in charge and thoroughly shaping political and news agendas.

Ah well. On the plus side, whilst it’d be nice to live in a fair and equal society where attempts to address injustice weren’t met with ridiculous whining from the privileged that conned a sizeable proportion of the oppressed, at least the current setup makes my life easier and more comfortable…

(via Liberal Conspiracy, which points out that at least Twitter users are less halfwitted and bigoted than average. Well, duh.)

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  • I've been feeling thoroughly ill all day… but am delighted to note that, unlike @robbrydon, I don't now have to go and talk to C Moyles #
  • RT @olibeale If I was James Earl Jones i'd walk aroung all day singing "I'm James Earl Jones and I like it" to the tune of "I kissed a girl" #
  • RT @paulkerensa Please retweet this. Thanks. #
  • RT @Andrew_Taylor Reading "Internet Marketing For Children". It's pretty good apart from all the pop-ups. (via @bloggerheads) #
  • Hurrah: an opportunity at LC to link to Peter Singer's superb article, Taking Life: http://bit.ly/12KIdu #
  • Simon Carr is hit-and-miss. This piece is a HIT: http://bit.ly/3NT8Ze #
  • Extremely glad I watched the excellent Starter for Ten and not the horrific pop-paedo-lynch-mob show #
  • Incidentally, tried Um Bongo at the weekend for the first time in 20 years. It were rubbish. #
  • And as @duckorange will confirm, it's consumed widely neither in the DRC nor in Congo-Brazzaville. #
  • Insert proverb about houses and plagues – horrible racist bigots smear Respect loonies: http://bit.ly/1TPOZ2 (via @thedancingflea) #
  • RT @rhodri Murdoch said to be furious the BBC are quoting him. "They're my words," he said, "out of my mouth. I own them. They must pay." #
  • RT @rhodri Everyone who's retweeting my comment about Rupert Murdoch owes me £1.32. I take cash, Paypal and sexual favours. #
  • Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! – http://tinyurl.com/ygra75z #
  • Collapse of Northern Rock due to Adam Applegarth's shaved head (which was Germaine Greer's fault), says Quentin Letts: http://bit.ly/1k4iAK #
  • Right, next time I murder someone I'm using a spiked club #jackstraw #knifecrime #patheticpopulistbollocks #
  • Cos *obviously* someone who stabs a bloke in a fight is *far* worse than this specimen: http://bit.ly/UYSil #stupidknifelaws #
  • I love British culture viewed from abroad: http://bit.ly/3tWGyq – 'send knives' is both in-joke and genius #
  • I'm struggling to think of anything more pathetic than a comedian trying to prevent people from telling his jokes http://bit.ly/43WY5g #
  • Today was good. Well, it mostly involved feeling like grim cold-ish death, but overall it was good nonetheless. Positive. #
  • I feel guilty about following Adam Curtis's blog, but not actually reading of his erudite posts because they're too bloody long #yesamhick #
  • Now gonna read Girl Who Played With Fire. Looking 4ward to it after the last one: Lisbeth reminds me of everyone I've ever been in love with #
  • …but crazier & skinner NOTE: these are not necessarily positives #
  • Must get up… MUST GET UP… #
  • I know it's the Scum, but I still can't believe their "stitching up David Nutt's kids" article. Dominic Mohan should be chopped into pieces #
  • Rum: the king of spirits. So good, I'm not even hungover yet. "Yet" is important. #
  • RT @TheQuill: Put a mexican moustache on Katie Price and *bang* it's Nick Cave. Discuss. (via @glinner) #

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What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-11-08

  • is now departing Chhatrapati Shivaji International on Jet Airways (India) Powered by Lufthansa – http://myskystatus.com/ #
  • Comment WIN: "Melanie Phillips would accuse her husband of anti-semitism if he didn't do the dishes on time" http://bit.ly/1j1DHn #
  • RT @dontgetfooled Monbiot on the crucial, oft-misunderstood, distinction between being a skeptic and being a sucker: http://bit.ly/f79s5 #
  • New weapon in war on terror: BEARS! http://bit.ly/2G5tui #
  • Things I'm enjoying this evening: @fakeapstylebook, and @nosemonkey's post-Lisbon apocalyptica #
  • Apparently Apple have launched the iPhone in China for usd1000 with no wifi. That's, erm, heroic #
  • Can't believe eejits in India still boycotting #Dow, which bought Union Carbide's assets years after the Bhopal disaster: http://tr.im/E5uV #
  • Yes, I know BNSF is freight RT @gilescoren Warren Buffett has spent $34bn on a railway company. So EVERY carriage will be a buffett carriage #
  • "I've no clue what Network Solutions does or how domain names work, but that won't stop me writing about them" http://tinyurl.com/yl8d9ez #
  • "The white working class have very real concerns" #thingsracistssay #
  • EUrabia. Dhimmitude. The Gates Of Vienna. Islamofascist #thingsracistssay #
  • RT @duckorange #thingsracistssay "Gordon Clown's ZaNu LieBore Broken Britain" #
  • RT @averyps "Why can't we have a white officers' police association? Where's the Music of White Origin awards?" #thingsracistssay #
  • This could, and should, be the basis for a new reality TV show: http://bit.ly/1mXEm9 #
  • In vile mood. Got to get up at 5am for a flight, it's almost 10pm now and 2 hours before I can finish work *scowl* #
  • Racing down unfinished road at 6am on 4h sleep: not good. Home in 12 hours: 'king AWESOME #
  • Pissing on poppies poor show, but *jail*? http://bit.ly/viivC Isn't that the sort of thing we were fighting against…? #
  • is now departing Chennai Airport on British Airways Powered by Lufthansa – http://myskystatus.com/ #
  • BACK IN DA UK. Contemplating checking the microphone, but probably won't. #
  • sheer genius – RT @fakeapstylebook To describe more than one octopus, use sixteentopus, twentyfourtopus, thirtytwotopus, and so on. #
  • I'd sooner burn an actual Damian Thompson: http://is.gd/4O2hE (via @dontgetfooled) #
  • I've signed up, have you? http://www.greateudebate.com/order/ – I'm especially looking forward to forewords by T Kavanagh and F Forsyth… #
  • Do people who use terms like AmeriKKKa or the EUSSR really not understand how stupid it makes them look? Or just don't care…? #
  • Struggling to see why Merrick upset re S Mann – http://bit.ly/2KEN1N – Eq Guinea one of Africa's vilest regimes, so no biggie if overthrown #
  • If he'd been overthrowing an (even vaguely) democratic or liberal government, *that* would actually matter #
  • jetlag, evil hangover *and* a cold. thanks, fate, for bestowing these all on me simultaneously. #
  • wanna go home, but scared of the cold and the tube… #
  • (that's temperature-cold, not aforementioned ill-cold. although latter probably a factor in fear of former) #
  • Thanks, rememberance, etc, to those who fought to save us in WW2 #
  • …and entire 'meh' to those who were paid to do pointless and irrelevant fighting subsequently #
  • Nick Cohen article *epitomises* the unthinking, economically illiterate side of lefty thought: http://bit.ly/2eVK0we #
  • Irrelevant crap about Glass-Steagall? CHECK. Quote from egregious Richard Murphy? CHECK. #
  • I feel *sorry* for ww1 victims, but not *grateful* as whole shebang entirely pointless #
  • Oops, Cohen piece should be http://bit.ly/2eVK0w #
  • RT @ismitim: On twitter "Social media guru" is code for guy that pretends he's a 15 y/o girl on myspace (via @chrissiem) #
  • On Cohen piece, didn't mean to imply all lefty economic thought illiterate – rather, there is a particular strain that it exemplifies #
  • …and while Cohen is a tit, it's hard to deny that he's left-ish rather than right-ish. #
  • Piece daft because: 1) Glass-Steagall has 0 bearing on current crisis (most banks that failed were pure i-banks or pure retail banks) #
  • 2) R Murphy's research mostly hokey nonsense; 3) whole piece an attempt to exculpate craven politicians through whataboutery #

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Dear web developers

In tabbed browsers, clicking a link with the middle button opens the link you’ve clicked in a new tab. This is a useful piece of functionality.

If you set your web page up to get round this feature, so that clicking the middle button opens the link in the same tab as the page you’re viewing, that doesn’t make you a clever web guru. It makes you a fecking idiot.

Commentisfree, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Twitter – this means you.

Imaginary, err I mean intellectual, property

This is a fine comment:

“I own a sofa. I can arrange the cushions on it in any pattern I like; if I couldn’t it would reduce my rights to my property. I also own a hard disk, and I can arrange the magnetic alignments on it in any pattern I like; if I couldn’t it would reduce my rights to my property. So to the extent that you believe in rights to real property, you cannot also believe in rights to imaginary property.”

The concept of IP-as-property (and hence, of copyright infringement as theft) is a ridiculous fiction: copyright is nothing more than a monopoly on the production of a particular product or service granted by the government to a particular individual or business, in theory because the government believes that the incentivising effect of granting the monopoly outweighs the loss of freedom and utility caused by granting the monopoly.

In other words, it’s as far from libertarianism as you can get: if you support IP laws [*], that shows that you think a) that there are areas where deliberate government planning produces better results than the free market; b) where this is the case, it’s right to reduce people’s freedom for the greater good; and c) the production of plans, inventions, blueprints and artworks is a situation where this is the case.

[*] As a believer in a mixed economy, I do support IP laws and have no intellectual difficulty with the argument above, although I’d prefer penalties for infringement to be smaller and solely civil, and for all copyrights and patents to expire 5-20 years after creation (depending on content type). Curiously though, many of the people who argue for tough IP laws generally argue against government interference in business.

What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-11-01

  • A good piece on sensible-debate versus actual-politics from Andrew R, based on real science: http://bit.ly/14vR5W #
  • Remote nowhere was excellent, incidentally. All foreign phone roaming disabled, so absolutely no outside-worldery impinging on anything. #
  • Not a huge J Carr fan, but he's right here (and funny) and his critics are idiots: http://bit.ly/3PlBgp #
  • S Fry leaving twitter is 3rd-top story on BBC. Say *what*? #
  • /What the hell motivates climate change denialistidiots? Is it just blind contrarianism, or do they actually *want* to destroy the world #
  • I wish the right-wing party set to win the next election was made up of Economist writers, instead of idiots: http://bit.ly/3m18xu #
  • Things I dislike, from either side of the political spectrum: the casual equation of "feminist" and "puritan". e.g. http://bit.ly/2arVvy #

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What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-10-25

  • Weird lurker Cruise, you are wrong: the Lulu & The Lampshades song is properly lovely, and you have no sense of joy or sweetness #
  • is now departing London Heathrow on British Airways Powered by Lufthansa – http://myskystatus.com/ #
  • Forsaking night out in Hyderabad with former colleagues (now vaguely-sister-company types) in favour of work and sleep. LAME #
  • …in which jetlag catches up with me. Utterly pole-axed, and it's only midday. #
  • Is there a hashtag for "I hate Royal Mail's management, but don't care about posties or whether their obsolete service continues to exist"? #
  • Maybe #unionrightsneedtobedefendedevenwhentheworkersinquestionarecompletelyuseless? #
  • bored in India airport so going thru old txt msgs. #
  • My favourite so far is "Gone 2 meet icelanders after all. If u fancy collecting theremin, post office card & my credit card on dining table" #
  • …and it's 100% truth not euphemism/metaphor/nickname. #
  • Latest exciting airline innovation: handing out card labelled "lounge card" which doesn't actuallly get you into lounge. #
  • drinks with my dad. discovered that messrs Griffin & Winner are alumni of his college. mine are Tolkien & Kristofferson. Not sure who wins #
  • top 5 crazy welshmen: dr william price; gruff rhys; howard marks; dylan thomas; owain glyndyr #
  • Non-UK tweeters (inspired by @themanwhofell's comedy reviews), is Peep Show widely shown outside these shores? #
  • Mmm, sunshine, sea view, next week off… shame I have to do LOADS OF BASTARDING WORK this afternoon, then. #
  • Restaurants: maintain an air of exclusivity by having a website solely in Flash & no-text PDFs, so you don't show up on Google #toptips #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of Q #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of M #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of E #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of [Mr] T #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of [Baby] P #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of [Ali] G #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of H #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of K #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of [John] B #
  • Have I won yet? #
  • "I was a member of *an* Al-Qaeda, and an almost entirely non-violent one" #latetothegriffinparty #
  • Anyone got the gen on why ex-NuLab Andy Neather is telling BNP-ish lies in the Telegraph http://bit.ly/2Whh6N – pitching for Tory job? #
  • Note to 'very real WWC concerns' eejits: tougher immigration controls mean that *the BNP have won*, even if Griffin remains a derided oaf #
  • Ghetto = 'place where nearly everyone's the same race'. No borough in London is a ghetto. The closest is Havering, which is 95% one race #
  • Voodoo poll by nasty Puritans: do your bit and vote 'no': http://bit.ly/fz1xQ #
  • Bleedin' hell, the appalling Fraser Nelson is now promoting AIDS denialism: http://bit.ly/18AWM4 #
  • Missed this story – http://bit.ly/X69qg – I've previously blogged re: no evidence of forced sex trafficking in UK, good to see it confirmed #
  • outside a third world airport in the middle of the night waiting for my sister to clear customs. this still beats #xfactor #
  • Off to absolutely nowhere for a week: http://bit.ly/3lJ5bk #

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A quick note on free speech

As far as I can make out, “the right to free speech” means something like “the state will not take action against you for voicing your opinions, no matter how vile, and people who commit illegal acts against you for voicing your opinions will not avoid prosecution just because your opinions are deemed vile”.

If “the right to free speech” meant “the right to be on TV”, or “the right to write a column in the Daily Mail”, then I’m not sure many people would be in favour of it.

For example, I’m distressed that I don’t get to write a column in the Daily Mail, as I’d love to watch the number of breakfast-time heart attacks across Middle England soar whilst I advocated free immigration, heroin on the NHS and legalised bestiality [*]. A six-figure salary would be nice, too.

But I’m not sure that I’d agree with someone who suggested that my right to free speech was being infringed by Paul Dacre’s bizarre refusal to grant me that position. Indeed, given the number of passable writers who’d love a columnist position on the Daily Mail (hell, even if you only include the ones who’re actually right-wing rather than trolling), I’d question that person’s sanity.

And this is why Matthew Parris’s latest column is complete nonsense: he thinks that if the BBC had refused to invite Nick Griffin on Question Time, and if the Daily Mail had refused to publish Jan Moir’s mean-spirited rant about Stephen Gately, it would have been an assault on free speech.

But obviously, it wouldn’t.

Nick Griffin has the right to tell anyone that he’s mates with an “almost-non-violent chapter of a (not the, of course) KKK”; Jan Moir has the right to tell anyone that “those gays are always with the drugs and the suspicious deaths”. But neither of them has the right to expect anyone to listen to them, and they certainly don’t have the right to expect anyone to publish or broadcast their opinions.

(there’s an argument that, because some semi-evolved chimps support the BNP and also pay the TV licence fee, the BBC ought to reflect their views. That isn’t a completely stupid position, but it’s not about freedom of speech.)

The usually-sensible-on-these-kind-of-issues libertarian Mr Eugenides gets this wrong too:

Even if so – even if I agreed [that it’s wrong to give scumbags a platform] – who is to decide who are the scumbags, and who are not? The Electoral Commission? The controller of BBC1? David Dimbleby? The editors of Liberal Conspiracy?

But in this case, the editors of Question Time did make a decision: that Nick Griffin was a man who should be on Question Time. The same week, they decided that me, Mr Parris and Mr Eugenides were all not people who should be on Question Time. Editorial decisions here are essential, not optional…

[*] subject to animal cruelty laws, obviously.

Being away

I’m sitting in the 18th floor of a tower block somewhere subtropical, overlooking the sea. Currently I’m inside, but with the large bay windows open, getting some evening sunshine – I may shortly head out to the terrace for full-on last rays action. On the minus side, I’ve been working today, but it hasn’t been absolute hell. Almost pleasant, even.

Meanwhile, back in Britain… I hear the weather has been OK, in the sense of ‘only quite cold and only a bit rainy’. I hear the entire world and their dog has gone into spasms of lunacy after a daft fat bigot got vaguely humiliated on a TV show, but also picked up a few new idiot fans (even though a similar-looking bigot with the same views is accepted and awarded as a national newspaper columnist with barely any fuss from anyone).

On that one, I’m glad I wasn’t around for the debate. As far as I can make out, the assembled Great And Good [*] made a stupid and ignorant man look stupid, ignorant but also victimised, whilst actually agreeing with his fundamental thesis (“immigration is terribly bad and BNP voters are right to be concerned about it, so we’ll make our already-lunatic-hard restrictions even tougher”).

It’s another reminder of how, if you’re a socially liberal supporter of a market-driven economy with around-OECD-average levels of taxation and regulation [**], free migration and free speech, who also thinks that UAF are a daft bunch of tossers, British politics at the moment is a bit depressing.

The fact that the mainstream parties are engaged in a deeply stupid (tough on crime, tough on immigration, ‘too many human rights’, ‘we must cut the deficit now’) consensus on most issues is hardly surprising. The fact that the far Right are scumbags is pretty much definitional. But what else is there? The Greens don’t believe in markets and are more or less the opposite of liberal; the left-of-Labour narrative hasn’t yet been set but is unlikely to focus on social liberalism (if it did, I’d excuse the economics); and to the extent that the Lib Dems have expressed an opinion on anything, they’re mainstream-consensus.

And I’m frankly bored of London, bored of long work-weeks and infinite stress from above and below, bored of endless overpriced drinks in the same pubs, bored of the Tube, bored of mornings, bored of blogging (see: number of posts on this blog that aren’t Twitter roundups).

The sun’s setting. I’ll head outside. It’ll be pleasant. It’ll be different. It’ll be warm.

I could stay here.

[*] yes, I’m aware of the irony in using the words ‘great’ and ‘good’ to refer to Jack Straw.

[**] including banking regulation. The reason we and the US are so screwed right now is due to underregulation in the banking system; it has absolutely no bearing on the vast majority of companies that aren’t banks, and using it as an argument against market capitalism is Just Silly. Using it as an argument against dogmatic US Republican-style deregulation is exactly right, and should be done, but even the current Tory leadership isn’t daft enough to advocate that.

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