Well, I called that one wrong

I've got my reaction up on LC. In short, Nick Clegg has destroyed the Liberal Democrat party because he wants to be a minister. The country benefits in the short term, very very slightly - the Libservative government will be slightly less socially nasty than a Tory plus Ulsterite minority government - but it's still … Continue reading Well, I called that one wrong

We have just OneWorld, but we live in different ones

Within a few years, there will only be about five real long-haul airlines, all based around the current alliance systems. The non-alliance airlines will stop flying long-haul, or where national egos won't allow that to happen they'll cut down to a couple of planes on flagship routes that nobody in their right mind would use … Continue reading We have just OneWorld, but we live in different ones

What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-05-09

#Sydney's public transport system reminds me of London's 10 years ago - ace for routes you commute, 'mare for infrequent trips. # ....and lack of through bus/train or bus/bus tix for single journeys is criminal in both cities. # This is not beatable. All other makers of offensive satirical songs should, at this point, give … Continue reading What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-05-09

Charlotte Gore is absolutely wrong

Nominal Liberal Democrat Charlotte Gore, who oddly seems to spend more time hating the Labour Party than actually supporting the Liberal Democrats, has a very odd post-election post. She thinks that if the LDs were to prop up a Labour administration in exchange for the introduction of proportional representation (which is required - if you … Continue reading Charlotte Gore is absolutely wrong

Update for Brits who’re just waking up

Overall, we know about as much about what's going on as when as we did when I woke up eight hours ago. Things we do know: the Lib Dems got screwed, probably by the sustained 2-week barrage of media lies about them. Troll-like ex-home secretary Charles Clarke lost his seat, which is delightful. Pro-science campaigner … Continue reading Update for Brits who’re just waking up

Quick thought on speeches

Not sure if these are downloadable, but listening on the radio I was really struck by the difference between Gordon Brown and David Cameron's speeches on winning their constituencies. Mr Brown is in the wrong job, and needs to resign tomorrow no mater what the final results, but the speech was heartfelt, interesting, passionate and … Continue reading Quick thought on speeches

Semi-informed Northern Ireland poli-blogging

It's lovely to see Peter Robinson, the head of Northern Ireland's DUP (the Paisley-ite, hardline Unionist party), losing his Belfast East seat to non-sectarian Alliance candidate Naomi Long. Anything which makes NI less sectarian-driven has to be a good thing... The thing which makes it even funnier, by which I mean "if I was properly … Continue reading Semi-informed Northern Ireland poli-blogging