Oh my god, they defamed Kenny

I’m not normally a fan of people who bring libel suits, although I have no intention of saying anything unpleasant about them [*]. All I will say is that if you fancy joining a club that includes James Goldsmith, Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Archer and (Mrs Ripper) Sonia Sutcliffe, your social preferences are a little different from mine.

However, I’d be willing to make an exception for our marvellous mad Mayor. According to the Sun, he’s “a crude bigot who makes no secret of being … anti-Jewish”. As the Guardian Diary points out, this is clearly defamatory in English law. You’d have to have a heart of stone to object to Ken cleaning Mr Murdoch out for big money, although it would be particularly delicious if Ken gave the damages to Lesbian Community Activists, Asylum Support Groups, Travellers’ Rights Committees and other such Sun-hated types…

[*] similar rules apply to scary chaps in alleyways, knife-wielding fundamentalists, etc.

Vicariously sporting

One of the things I like about my current house is that from my bedroom window if the wind’s right, I can hear:
* the crowd chants and tannoy from the football stadium;
* the announcements from the mainline station.
I’m not being sarky, either. London is great.

(and welcome, Tim-readers. This site isn’t entirely ready yet, but feel free to click about and have a look…)

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