Weird comment spam

I've been getting some bizarrely customised-for-this-site comment spam recently. For example: As well as the main critical mass ride there's now a north london version. Those Friday Thing folk said that boobah is "a bit odd" Today is the European Day of Languages. I wonder if David Blunkett is taking part? Linguist Geoff Nunberg considers … Continue reading Weird comment spam

A very common language

I'm aware of most of the differences between British English (yuck, but it's the least ambiguous term I can think of) and US English, and I'm pretty aware of what's going on in US politics, at least on a national level. Australian English and politics can still leave me baffled, however: PM: I suspected Iraq … Continue reading A very common language

Healthy eating != bruschetta-eating

Julie Bindel has a comment piece in the Guardian about the class snobbery that permeates the healthy eating debate, and particularly about the way that fair-trade liberals sneer at the poor for eating badly. It's nearly sensible, but it falls down on a crucial point: Encouraging a healthy diet has far more to do with … Continue reading Healthy eating != bruschetta-eating