An open letter to Lenovo

Dear Lenovo –

Congratulations on making some of the best and most rugged laptops available; buying IBM’s PC business was a good idea (even if you have been dogged by Japanese suppliers‘ ineptitude at battery manufacturing).

However, now that your machines no longer fall under the IBM umbrella, there are a couple of bizarre Big Blue eccentricities you might want to remove. In particular:

1) put a Windows key on the keyboard. I know IBM and Microsoft always had an uneasy relationship, but that’s no excuse. I’d wager 95%+ of your PCs use Windows, so it’s utterly Pyhrric to leave it off.

2) put the USB ports on the right hand side. Most people are right-handed; most laptop USB ports are used for mice and memory sticks which are best accessed with your right hand.

3) remove the umbelievably irritating website navigation buttons that are immediately above the arrow keys, which mean that when filling out online forms and aiming to move the cursor you instead go back to the previous page and lose everything you typed.

Otherwise, carry on as you were.

John B