Another house price post

Via Tim, Raedwald has a silly piece suggesting that the 30% collapse in new-build flat prices, rather than being the outcome of a speculation bubble, came because developers were required to build 30% social housing as part of the development. However, this doesn't fit the facts, or what we know about economics. If the new-build … Continue reading Another house price post

An open letter to people who bought houses in the last two years

I've been living in rented accommodation for the last two years despite being able to afford a house/flat, because it was incredibly obvious that house prices were going to peak, interest rates rise, and the economy slow down. The fact that you did buy a house means that either you felt financially secure enough that … Continue reading An open letter to people who bought houses in the last two years

On that ‘who subsidises whom’ thing

There's a great deal of controversy and bitterness over whether the parasitical Scots steal money from the hard-working English to spend on whisky and deep-fried Mars bars, or whether in fact the evil colonial masters are stealing the Scots' money to fritter away on Pimms and linen suits. The problem is, despite the statistical data … Continue reading On that ‘who subsidises whom’ thing