6 thoughts on “That inflation thing again

  1. I read the Daily Mail and am middle classs, so I would estimate it to be over 50%.

    What? There's a calculator? [Which really hates Firefox] 2000Oh…it comes to well now 3.4%, but apparently it was 8.6% last August. I really was a member of the coping classes.

    I imagine that peak was something to do with mortgage rate hikes as that apparently is 25% of my expenditure.

  2. Seems I can't view it from work. And I work for the government! Obviously they update their browser now and again in the ONS (or whatever it's called nowadays).

  3. The last time I used a neutral personal inflation calculator, in other words one not produced by those whose with a vested interest in minimising the result, it was 7.9%. But that was a couple of years ago, before fuel started to rocket in price.

  4. would be interested to see a link. sceptical that yours was from a source any more neutral than the ONS, given the interest that papers and lobby groups have in overstating the rate…

  5. I can't find it, sorry. It was a while ago. Of course, I live in the country, have a high mortgage to value ratio, keep animals and therefore need a 4WD vehicle, and so on.

  6. Oh, and I was a smoker when I filled it in, and remain a drinker. Unlike the ONS thing, these were itemised individually.

    None of which means I'm well off, just that I have to give a disproportionate amount of subsidy to urbanites who are.

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