Serious violent crime map

I've been busy working and being in pain (alcohol and seedy dives with steep slippery wooden staircases are not a good combination, but codeine and sodium naproxen are excellent painkillers); apologies for lack of posting. Luckily for those of you who come here for evidence that we're not all going to hell in a handcart … Continue reading Serious violent crime map

On knowing a man by his friends

Mr Eugenides is an extremely offensive and ranty, but also highly entertaining and generally honest, blogger. I disagree with him on most things, and sometimes feel that his commentary on female Labour MPs' stupidity goes beyond the stick they deserve for their actions into misogynistic territory, but overall he's a principled and reasonable right-libertarian. Unfortunately, … Continue reading On knowing a man by his friends

Jumping in slightly late

On the grounds of 'what goes around comes around' [*], as well as on the general grounds of free speech, let me join the chorus of people supporting slightly demented Decent Left blog Harry's Place in the libel suit that Hamas UK brought for calling them antisemitic. Normally, calling somebody antisemitic is a pretty horrible … Continue reading Jumping in slightly late

On why society is basically doomed

Sunny has a good piece on Commentisfree on the knife panic - worth a read. Apparently the original version linked to this post here, but the Guardian subs took it out - bad Guardian subs. Unfortunately, the comments indicate why we're never going to get anywhere with the criminal justice system, other than locking up … Continue reading On why society is basically doomed