Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

Lewes = pretty town. A23 between Croydon & Elephant & Castle = road to, from & via hell. Glad to be back in N19 # RT @PreachyPreach Germany does its best to ensure a long prolonged recession. # "Miners and police unite in beating the crap out of Greenpeace anti-coal protestors" #worldwithoutThatcher # If … Continue reading Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

Yes, it’s fucking political

Frank Dobson spoke nothing but truth last month: ‘Be warned,’ he said, ‘the Lib Dems and the Tories have not abandoned party politics.’ There was, he alleged, a three-part strategy. When they had disposed of the Speaker, they would demand Gordon’s resignation. If they got that, they would demand an immediate general election on the … Continue reading Yes, it’s fucking political

Banned Katie Perry upskirt video [*]

The Economist's Charlemagne blog has a good piece on why Vaclav Klaus is being utterly ridiculous when he claims that the reassurances being made to Ireland and the UK over the Lisbon Treaty mean that he should hold off ratification: Imagine that an internet rumour had started that Marmite (or baked beans, if you cannot … Continue reading Banned Katie Perry upskirt video [*]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

Lunch & wine are required. # The Last Boleyn Girl seems about as terrible as that sort of shit usually is. Hoping Jess will tire of it before we miss House # Sorry, director, The Other Boleyn Girl was OK. Scarlett Johansson was heartbreakingly beautiful, but I suppose that's what she's for. # I love … Continue reading Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

Corrigan FTW

David Mitchell is entirely correct on the wheelie bin pseudo-scandal, as one might expect: I can almost hear the Oxfam advert: "This is Andrea. Every week, she has to walk three bins all the way down the street, round the corner and into the backyard. It's either that or people will see her bins. It's … Continue reading Corrigan FTW

Strikes: yes; wildcats: no

From the list of 'things that don't get said very often', here's a very sensible comment from CiF on the Total refinery strike: I'm very sorry to say it, but these wildcat strikers are idiots. Nothing wrong with striking at all - but always, always, always make sure it is an official strike endorsed by … Continue reading Strikes: yes; wildcats: no