Worst political Flash cartoon *ever*

What the hell is this even trying to say, and what the hell does the music have to do with the subject matter? It's not even the shallow clich├ęs ("ooh, Gordon is the puppet of fat cats, and that's why he didn't let Northern Rock go bust". Not because, y'know, that would have made ordinary … Continue reading Worst political Flash cartoon *ever*

BBC channels Anti-Saloon League

A BBC article on alcohol consumption statistics features a stupid comment: The figures also suggest that alcohol consumption is increasingly a problem among the middle classes. Men and women in "managerial and professional" households drank an average of 15.1 units a week. The same study also shows that men drink, on average, twice as much … Continue reading BBC channels Anti-Saloon League

Spam filters and paranoia

A very long time ago, I had a blog whose software platform I wrote myself. It was pretty ropey by the standards of WordPress and Moveable Type, although it beat Blogger's offer in those days (for really dull reasons, the only server I had access to ran Windows and Access; no existing blog software supported … Continue reading Spam filters and paranoia

Entertaining iPhone theory

Article: O2 (UK) has shifted 190,000 iPhones in its first two months of sales, just short of its target of 200,000. From the comments: "190,000 surprised me at first - given that we and the Europeans understand mobiles far too well to buy an outdated overpriced paperweight like the iPhone, I thought the number sold … Continue reading Entertaining iPhone theory

What was wrong with the old bloody virus?

This, basically. Blech. Update, Tuesday evening: well, those were a rubbish couple of days. I'm now more or less confident in my ability to go more than 10 seconds away from a toilet, although I'm not quite up for vindaloo night just yet. In the meantime I was sufficiently bored that I followed my own … Continue reading What was wrong with the old bloody virus?

The only good communist…

Very sad to hear that Marxist economist Andrew Glyn, who had the dubious honour of teaching both me and Chris Dillow, has died. As a not-very-socalist, I'd second Chris's view that: He never gave those of us who shared his views an easy ride, and was never less than generous to those who didn't share … Continue reading The only good communist…