Two bald men in ‘fight over comb’ shock

Tax Research has an article criticising the TaxPayers' Alliance for being a bunch of rentaquote extreme-right-wingers who distort the facts to bash Labour, socialism and anyone who thinks taxes should be higher than 1%, and also criticising the media for taking the TaxPayers' Alliance seriously. This is entirely true: the TPA is a lobby group … Continue reading Two bald men in ‘fight over comb’ shock

You draconian what draconian?

Sorry for radio silence, I've been in Istanbul (not Constantinople) doing Exciting but Hardworking things. Quick comment on the budget: many people, mostly on the "we believe in free markets except when, err, I'll get back to you on that one" right, seem to think that the government's rise in beer excise duty spells the … Continue reading You draconian what draconian?