Some factual statements

Note: see update at the bottom I'm holding points 1-8 to be non-controversial; let me know if you, err, controvert them. 1) Rape is very bad. 2) Long-term psychological, bullying abuse is very bad. 3) Violence per se is bad, but not very bad. 4) Nearly all raping is done by men, mostly against women. … Continue reading Some factual statements

Those who will not see

I've got a post up at Liberal Conspiracy on the EU's new ECRIS system. Under ECRIS, local criminal records agencies will categorise crimes and sentences against particular headings (so 0801 is murder; 0403 is trafficking people for their organs; while on the sentencing side 1002 is life imprisonment and 3017 is confiscation of your hunting … Continue reading Those who will not see

Worse than Nicholas

I really like Mock The Week; it's one of my favourite TV shows. Frankie Boyle is perhaps the best comic of the last 30 years; Dara O'Briain is hard to spell but excellent; Hugh Dennis was the funniest one in the Mary Whitehouse Experience and remains so; Russell Howard is remarkably entertaining for a small … Continue reading Worse than Nicholas