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As you may have noticed, I haven’t updated for a while, as I’ve been in the poorest country outside of Africa (*) with only a mobile phone for connectivity. And while my mobile phone is more of a mini-laptop, it’s not really conducive to full-on blogging.

And while I haven’t checked rates, I’m fairly sure GPRS roaming charges in the few bits of the country where GPRS works are a billion dollars per kB…

So my online presence has been confined to Twittering (I hate ‘tweet’ as a verb to describe anything other than bird noises). You can see the latest updates on the left of the scren, or you can follow me by clicking the link there.

When I get back I’m planning to blog on:
* amusing historic leaders of Hispaniola
* French versus English colonialism
* How nearly all the mistakes made in decolonisation were visible 150 years before in Haiti
* the Citadel and King Henry Christopher
* NGOcracy and the new colonialism – not a bad thing
* the death of solitude

That’s mostly so I remember and feel obliged to actually write at least some of them, although do feel free to critique and throw peanuts based on the titles…

* my phone suggested ‘outside of France’ as an autocomplete here, which is inaccurate but bizarrely appropriate.

6 thoughts on “They call me Black Stacey

  1. Have you found/tried Kev Daly's Diarist? Very handy blogging app.

    I met some NGO types in China. I couldn't really work out what they had to offer – it's China ffs, what are you going to do?

    Also, I felt they were a bit weird.

  2. "amusing historic leaders of Hispaniola"

    Ah, the old "sailed for Jamaica" caper. I wouldn't repeat Christoph's caste building motivation techniques, btw: you'll only have Purnell adopting them.

  3. I'm a moron with nothing of any merit to say; luckily, I won't be wasting readers' time here ever again.

    [note: edited slightly by JB to make the overall meaning clearer. Yes, this is the first time I've ever done this to a comment. No, I won't do it to anyone who merely disagrees rather than posting random meaningless abuse to dozens of blogs over a period of months. Yes, I will do it to anything else Newmania says.]

  4. I could never get my head around Aristide being apparently kidnapped by the CIA, in what, 2004? And everyone being completely not bothered.

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