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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • Noting the correlation between ‘people who make noise complaints’ and ‘miserable bastards who’re jealous that other people get to have fun’. #
  • It’s one-to-one in my book. #
  • I’ve never made a noise complaint. It’s only noise, FFS: sleep through it, or kill yourself if you’re too pathetic to manage that #
  • Actually, that’s a lie: my ex once made me complain to a neighbour about noise. I respected her less for it. We broke up shortly after. #
  • Clearly if I were an honourable man who valued principles over domestic harmony, I’d have given the ‘sleep or kill self’ response #
  • RT @qwghlm Religion enshrined in law telling people what they can’t do one day of the week when most people don’t practice it – backwards #
  • Gibbering incoherent nonsense FTW: http://bit.ly/LXi3P #
  • “If you imagined the most boring person ever there’s a good chance he’d be called Roger & come from Switzerland” http://is.gd/1oJ7u #
  • Hard to not: RT @catdonnelly Is it not odd to hoover the tiles out front of your house in only pants, whilst simultaneously looking shifty? #
  • “a crisis they did not create” – perhaps, but did massively profit from the upside http://bit.ly/33TUm7 #
  • RT @uaf Cops swoop on BNP terrorists http://bit.ly/WkdAW. RT and get this trending! #theBNParetwats #
  • Fair point – RT @qwghlm @johnb78 @uaf Even alleged murderous fascists have the right to presumed innocence, surely? #
  • Can someone explain why locking this chap up is a Good Idea? – http://bit.ly/GxiQe #
  • Loony win: http://bit.ly/bURrG #
  • Head still not quite right. Hoping early, sober night will sort it out. Apparently lost weekend isn’t the best followup to jetlag after all #
  • RT @themanwhofell Poor Michael Jackson. He is not The King of Pop. He is The Jonathan King of Pop. #
  • Off to Leeds at the weekend. First-class-return-for-£60-woo #
  • R Herring’s nicked iPhone experience reminds me of all my cop interactions – very helpful, despite trivial offence http://tinyurl.com/mj9u2f #
  • Makes me wonder about the right-whingers who think police never turn up, help etc – is it because they’re rude arrogant twunts maybe? #
  • RT @JonnyB Basically, all you have to do to get new followers is to talk in nouns. Wine, horse racing, flowers, garden furniture, porn. #
  • http://bit.ly/XtBNs http://bit.ly/UThZc – yay, my allies aren’t as bigoted as the Tories; shame they’ve fuck all clue #
  • Good piece in @londonist on the ‘immigrants are taking our houses’ lie from @jonnelledge http://bit.ly/18JxQp #
  • RT @CathElliott Letter to my 17yo daughter, in which D Cameron refers to adult female Tory candidate as a”girl” – http://twitpic.com/9rxmn #
  • Utter bollocks from C4 news: http://bit.ly/3r7uLj – cloning and intercepting GSM/CDMA mobiles = impossible outside the lab #
  • Voicemail hacking, downloading spyware, and bribing network engineers possible, obviously #
  • Sensible gov’t move to save money; Taxpayers Alliance objects: http://bit.ly/u0QoT #
  • People who whistle, play YouTube videos out loud, or talk, in offices should all be hanged. Bring back the Victorian workplace. #
  • RT @johnbrissenden @STWuk Will Jack Straw prosecute himself under his new war criminals law? http://bit.ly/sV4n6 #
  • Making scallops and bacon. Oh yeah. #
  • Chinese government in ‘are corrupt evil bastards who fit people up for political reasons’ shock: http://bit.ly/JClxW #
  • Walked past a homeless guy who was singing “when I was young I thought life was so logical”. I said that’s Supertramp. He said ta very much #
  • In a better world, this kind of detailed investigation would be in the papers: http://bit.ly/H3cSv #
  • Why is the only decent polemical investigative journalism now on blogs and in ageing rock mags ( http://bit.ly/IzE6E )? #
  • RT @djbarker http://twitpic.com/9vd4i – The guy in this car just told me I’m not allowed to take his photo (via @qwghlm) #
  • Nicholas Penny in ‘is a dismal twat’ shock: http://bit.ly/Sxrdh (via @AdamBienkov) #
  • Haha RT @franksting: “11 Photos Where Black People Were Awkwardly Photoshopped In or Out” http://bit.ly/JWdB0 (via @mrpower) #
  • Across The Univers #filmfonts #
  • Zapf to the Future #filmfonts #
  • Madame Sans-Serif #filmfonts http://bit.ly/HRAoy #
  • I Love Lucida #filmfonts #
  • Last Chancery Harvey #filmfonts #
  • Apparently these are the chaps on fire: http://www.futurecapitalpartners.com/ #
  • #followfriday @mrpower @hungbunny @kara_simsek @preachypreach @blueprintmag @flashboy #
  • Epic (non-vandalistic) graffiti fun: http://bit.ly/DldSX – via b3ta #
  • Quite funny – http://dailyweek.com – but no RSS feed so I’ll never see it again :-( #
  • Being part of a pub co-operative could be rather fun, anyone else upferit? http://bit.ly/tWnTr (via @theblogpaper) #
  • In Bedfordshire. Wish this was a twee euphemism #
  • Looking forward to LFAT’s impassioned defence of Simon Bikindi http://bit.ly/gRNQS http://is.gd/1uyVF #
  • mildly surprised to discover the festival i’ve been dragged to LEe #
  • mildly surprised to discover the festival i’ve been dragged to Leeds for is actually a school fete #
  • On the plus side, only 5 hours til Chumbawamba come on #
  • on plus side, a steel drum band of schoolkids is playing Teenage Kicks #
  • …and now One Step Beyond. Epic. #
  • too much wholesome enthusiasm. have gone to old man pub to drink guinness and eat scampi fries #
  • Back. more festivally & less schooly. ukeleles go! #
  • ukelele people covering Teenage Dirtbag in the style of the Sundays. Or I’ve taken too many drugs. VIEWER DECIDES #

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  1. July 13, 2009 at 9:48 am | #1

    cloning and intercepting GSM/CDMA mobiles = impossible outside the lab

    I really wouldn't sign a cheque on that.

    See OpenBTS and my posts on Vodafone Greece. However, I doubt the Screws has the clues. Especially when folk don't change the PINs on their voicemail.

  2. July 13, 2009 at 10:08 am | #2

    The Voda Greece thing was taps on the fixed-line bits of the network, not cracking the GSM, shirley? Hard to clarify in 140 chars, but I wasn't excluding the possibility of people within the unencrypted bit of the network being corrupted.

    Will have a look at OpenBTS, seems like an interesting collection of gen. However, I'm still sceptical that their exploits translate into real life 'I can tap Posh Spice's mobile'-ery…

  3. JAM
    July 14, 2009 at 12:09 am | #3

    Is this stuff automated or merely the ultimate in lazy blogging?

  4. July 14, 2009 at 12:17 am | #4


  5. August 11, 2009 at 9:57 am | #5

    Daily Week is still "quite funny" and now has an RSS feed. So maybe we will see you again after all…?

  6. August 11, 2009 at 8:03 pm | #6

    Good work – added.

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