What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-11-29

  • Hate to say it but I'm with Murdoch on this – http://bit.ly/83dEuz – printworkers shouldn't have a veto over editorial content, however vile #
  • ULTIMATE EVIL FTW -> RT @krishgm we report Microsoft is talking to Murdoch about paying for exclusive content access to take on Google #
  • Very much enjoying the Jordan Wimmer / Mark Lowe tribunal. Crazy-delusional employee vs sleazy-vile boss; both can only lose. #
  • Note "TfL fares" in the first, "TfL services" in the second – ie TfL/National doesn't apply if your journey's all-NR irrespective of fare #
  • Dear Online Media Gurus: is this how a CV ought to look in this day and age, or is it UNREADABLE and ANNOYING? http://www.rich-baker.com/ #
  • Fair and balanced piece on the CRU scandal from Jim Bliss: http://numero57.net/?p=1889 #
  • New rule of thumb: if someone says "we should change the law to make it easier to bang people up", they're scum irrespective of nominal wing #
  • Oh no! Hope he's OK: RT @feral_pigeon choke on turkey bones #
  • Phew: RT @feral_pigeon fast walk bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob #
  • This is rather jolly: http://bit.ly/7KFdIY #
  • I'm going to get, and drink, a bottle of this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east/8380412.stm #
  • Afterwards, I intend to beat Jack Law of Alcohol Focus Scotland to death with the bottle. #
  • I wish our politicians were as EXCELLENT as Sofia Bothorp http://tinyurl.com/hejasv (via @Stefing) #
  • RT @WAYNER555: APACHE (n): Advanced gyrocopter gunship used to instil freedom, named after a race which was robbed of it. #DrJohnsonA #
  • The Polish government has passed a law to send people who glorify totalitarianism to jail – http://bit.ly/4IqN8O #
  • Presumably, anyone who says they think this law is a good idea will be thrown into jail under it… #
  • Tonight was a nice night. Hope I haven't fucked things up. Tweeters, twit me luck… #
  • I am seriously enjoying @antonvowl's Winterval card series: http://bit.ly/8vTrhL #
  • People who think computer hacking is a serious offence, rather than meh #morons #
  • People who think the US has a justice system, rather than a vindictive punishment-to-innocent-and-guilty-alike system #morons #
  • People who're so obsessed with PUNISHMENT that they forget government's first duty is to defend its citizens, whatever they've done #morons #
  • This, ^1000 -> RT @benlocker Wine labels and cigarette boxes: cut the morality and tell us what they taste like: http://is.gd/55uZf #
  • And yes, the units thing is deeply annoying. 750ml, 10% ABV, that's 7.5 units, duh. Or "slightly more than it's safe to drink every day" #
  • I admire this stunt. Good work, 'youths': http://bit.ly/6hWXd0 #
  • This is awesome in the proper sense of the word: http://bit.ly/6LeikJ – beautiful, illicity-shot pics of the Heron Tower under construction #
  • A fine Saturday slogan: RT @jonnelledge I would like to apologize for anything I said/did/threw up over/attempted to molest last night #
  • I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a month of my tweets. Top three words: people, post, piece – http://w33.us/o2w #

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