What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-08-09

I backed a horse that came in at ten to one. unfortunately it was running in the 1130 #oldjokesfornogoodreason # (yes, I know that slating alcohol marketing isn't normally how I roll, but the JW ad was fucking egregious) # Sometimes I forget ppl like @hematuria and @anattendantlord are many hrs ahead, and briefly assume … Continue reading What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-08-09

Lyric translation quiz – WIN BIG PRIZES

Someone's built a website that translates phrases repeatedly into Japanese and back until the phrase stays the same in both languages. So, for a Crazy Friday Competition, I fed in a bunch of lyrics - pretty much all indie/rock stuff from the 1960s through to the 2000s, if that helps - and you have to … Continue reading Lyric translation quiz – WIN BIG PRIZES

British negativism versus reality

From CiF: We managed to add a 5th terminal to Heathrow without too many problems - apart from some lost baggage in the immediate aftermath; which, while tiresome, was hardly a showstopper. Trouble is, with our infinite capacity to see the negative, this was seen as some kind of apocalyptic proof of how useless we … Continue reading British negativism versus reality

What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-08-02

'Compare seu QI' is a current trending topic. OK then: slightly enriched uranium is less good than @stephenfry's quiz show # RT @Herring1967 I have been overwhelmed with messages of support and commiseration and am ending the day feeling a bit sorry for Brian Logan # Maybe my LC piece (live tomorrow AM, waiting-for-not-very-exciting-things fans) … Continue reading What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-08-02

Aaagh, super-weird spam

OK, so my new entries on this blog are showing up in Google Reader with the correct titles, but with the following body text: Buy Cheap UltramUltram EffectsUltram And Fibromyalgia100mg Er Hcl Tramadol UltramCr UltramUltram Pain MedicineUltram PillUltram SeizureUltram Tramadol Hci TabletUltram UltramTramadol Ultram Ultram Ultram.htmlUltram AntidepressantUltram XrUltram 0659200mg Er UltramUltram AbuseBuy … Continue reading Aaagh, super-weird spam

Must… not… like… pretend… buffoon

In the last couple of weeks, Boris Johnson has done three good things that I can remember: * Allegedly had a row with David Cameron about Crossrail, taking London's side * Endorsed cycling home after a couple of beers * Supported restarting tours of London's disused Tube stations Meanwhile, I can't think of anything bad … Continue reading Must… not… like… pretend… buffoon

Punishment from the gods

Apologies for lack of posting, I've been struck down by something resembling the flu. I was lucky as it wasn't quite as full-on I WANT TO DIE as it's been described by some (although there were a few hours like that), but deeply unpleasant and not recommended nonetheless. Anway, I've not been blogging much during … Continue reading Punishment from the gods

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

RT @paulcarr: The anatomy of a Twitter attack. Must-read post from Nik Cubrilovic @Techcrunch (via @TACJ) # "3 secondary moderns in every town", demand UKIP: # Feel exceptionally ropey. Better not be #swineflu # #bexleypowerfail killed work IT all day, even tho I'm in EC1. Otherwise wld never have heard of it. If … Continue reading Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26