What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-09-06

  • RT @DrSamuelJohnson The Tory sees the BBC as a Nest of Whigs, the Whig sees it as a Nest of Tories, when 'tis a Nest of FOPS #
  • Conjecture: if someone's been dead over 5 years, then IT'S ANCIENT HISTORY JUST FUCKING LET IT GO. See: Lockerbie, Chappaquiddick, etc. #
  • Half a day more work. Then Ryanair *shiver*. Then port, sun & wedding. Yay Oporto. #
  • Not mine, obviously. LADIES OF TWITTER, I'M STILL AVAILABLE. #
  • Genius ad. Absolute quality, and makes a good point: http://bit.ly/2cfM3l – unsurprisingly, idiots are offended #
  • Much as I dislike Chelsea, the FIFA ruling is utterly bloody ridiculous #
  • Litigious billionaire terror-supporter dead. Hurrah! http://tinyurl.com/mrc85h #

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