Vicariously sporting

One of the things I like about my current house is that from my bedroom window if the wind’s right, I can hear:
* the crowd chants and tannoy from the football stadium;
* the announcements from the mainline station.
I’m not being sarky, either. London is great.

(and welcome, Tim-readers. This site isn’t entirely ready yet, but feel free to click about and have a look…)

14 thoughts on “Vicariously sporting

  1. I can hear Highbury from my window. By now, I'm almost able to distinguish the "hurray we've just scored" roars from the "send him off" ones too.

  2. I could have got that in Worthing if I'd gone for the second-choice house on our shortlist – it was just round the corner from both the main station AND the local stadium (if that isn't too lofty a term).

    In fact, these were the key reasons why it was our second choice and not our first…

    (Welcome back, btw)

  3. Not me, but then I live within listening distance of That Stadium That Isn't Wembley… Not quite correctly positioned to catch the tannoy announcements from Cardiff Central, but I can hear the trains coming in and out of it.

  4. I once lived in earshot of Bramall Lane, which was only any use the time Bruce Springsteen played there.

  5. Not a Tim reader, usually; just clicked randomly at the Ablution for old time's sake and hey presto,
    no longer past tense. I like the title btw. Welcome back.

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