The Games

You may or may not be aware of The Game. The Game only has one rule: if you remember you’re playing it, you lose. I just lost the game, thanks to a reminder from Matt Turner.

But Matt has a new, more insidious version of The Game, which I’ve also just lost: if you remember Melanie Phillips exists, you lose. Thus, the punishment for losing is doubled, as is the reward for not losing.

8 thoughts on “The Games

  1. Heh, Wikipedia keeps deleting their articles on "the game", it has no "reputable sources". Apparantly, blogs don't count as primary sources, although personal journals written in history do.

    Meh, I care not, damn silly game. Still, making people lose is fun. So I may have to link here.

  2. Maybe because every time an article gets posted on it, everybody loses? They're just doing a public service.

    And DAMN. I lose again. Oh sod. And the other one.

  3. Gee thanks guys, I'd been doing so well. Even with my 'friends' occassionally sending txts saying "In Spain the rain on the plains falls on ppl playing… nothing, don't worry about it".

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