3 thoughts on “Lack of inspiration

  1. How about the top ten trite ways to end the conflict in the middle east? Here's my top 5.

    1) Clear all stones from the streets of the occupied territories. This would prevent 90% of all attacks against Israeli forces.

    2) Paint an H on the top of all Hizbollah buildings/outposts. This would have the handy consequence of stopping civilian deaths in Lebanon.

    3) Send pictures of captured Israeli soldiers being fed grapes by nubile Arab maidens to assure Israeli voters they are being treated well.

    4) Write "sorry" on all missiles in Arabic/hebrew so that people can understand you mean well when they come across unexploded ordnance.

    5) Get UN soldiers from Poland and Germany to rub copious amounts of pork fat over the blue line to prevent militants and soldiers invading other countries.

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