Rodent fact

Squirrels hate chilli. So if you’re planning on having a squirrel round for dinner, you might want to cancel the nut burritos. Conversely, if you’re planning on eating a squirrel, you might want to add it to a green Thai curry as a final act of indignity.

I was told this fact today by an Australian roofer, who was blocking up holes in my neighbours’ roof with wire mesh and dried chillis in the hope of ending their long-running squirrel infestation. Naturally, I make no claims for its truth.

3 thoughts on “Rodent fact

  1. fuckin squirrels are stupid dickheads though, so fucking nervous but what for? we used to have loads of red squirrels in my park when I was a kid but some dirty grey yank ones turned up in the eighties and killed em all – true story.

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