Me me meme

As part of a mildly annoying meme, Larry Teabag has asked me to list eight facts about myself:

1) I once failed to eat a kilo of corned beef for a bet, coming in with a time of 65 seconds;

2) I’m the sixth person in my immediate family to be called ‘John Oliver Band’, and the third surviving person. But I was first to the domain name and the gmail account (and hence also occasional letters from bemused Older Persons);

3) I’ve been interviewed by Radio 4 as an expert on Wimpy Bars and quoted in the Economist as an expert on Islamist cola;

4) The worst job I ever had was door-to-door salesman for a semi-fraudulent sticky paint company;

5) I accidentally ran into Richard E Grant when leaving a library, but was too surprised to come up with an amusing quote;

6) I’m the only person I know to have heckled a professional comedian by email (Richard Herring, since you ask);

7) I know three people who are listed on IMDB: Paul, who writes comedy; Kieron, who writes bad comedy; and Sophie, who played a dead body;

8) Just because I’m interested in transport policy, doesn’t make me a trainspotter (and I’ll beat you up with my thermos flask and throttle you with my anorak if you disagree).

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Speaking of Internet memes: best lolcat ever.

3 thoughts on “Me me meme

  1. Er… ummm… oh blimey. I suspect you have deliberately chosen people who maintain an aura of studied cool and do not ever ever do memes ever.

    I was a chess champion once, if that's helpful? In the cubs. And I did used to spot trains. Although if you take the piss I shall come and beat you with a rolled up transport policy.

    I've sort of lost touch – I don't think I knew you'd started up blogging again. Welcome back, ummm, about two years late.

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