International house of stupid comparisons

In a Computing Which? survey, Bebo has been rated the best social networking site, ahead of Facebook because its security settings make it harder for unwanted ‘friends’ to get user information. Yahoo Groups was rated as poorest, due to its lack of social networking features.

Relatedly, in a Sarcasm Which? survey, C-BBC has been rated the best TV channel, ahead of Channel 4 because its content guidelines make it unlikely that users will see adult-oriented content. Radio 4 was rated as poorest, due to its lack of visual content.

Look, computing-Which-people: Bebo is a networking site for kids, so it makes information sharing harder (note: this is a bad thing per se) so that weirdos can’t stalk them, groom them or nick their photos and post them on pervy websites (obviously, this is a good thing that outweighs the bad thing). Facebook is aimed at grown-ups, so it doesn’t. And Yahoo Groups isn’t a networking site at all.


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  1. Which? is great for this sort of thing. Just as broadband was coming on stream they did a report and warned that while ISPs claimed the internet connection is always on, you will have to sign in again if you switch your PC off.

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