…and people criticise me for *my* rhetorical style

Fine 18th century invective from Captain Christopher Middleton, directed against a random idiot who was talking rubbish on the Pamphletnet - a snip at £2,000. A REJOINDER TO MR. DOBB’S REPLY TO CAPTAIN MIDDLETON; IN WHICH IS EXPOS’D, BOTH HIS WILFUL AND REAL IGNORANCE OF TIDES; &C. HIS JESUITICAL PREVARICATIONS, EVASIONS, FALSITIES, AND FALSE REASONING; … Continue reading …and people criticise me for *my* rhetorical style

I tell my mum I play piano in a brothel

If someone had told my 15-year-old self that in the year 2008, I'd be a high-powered professional, up at twenty to one on a Tuesday night in the heart of the big city, eating fried chicken and exploring the innermost parts of models, then I'd've been quite pleased about the way my life was going … Continue reading I tell my mum I play piano in a brothel

Question to people who are cross with Rowan Williams

Would you abolish the current right under English law of Orthodox Jews to have civil cases heard in the Beth Din with the agreement of both parties? If so, why haven't you protested about the Beth Din previously? If not, then why on earth don't you think that Muslims should be granted the same rights … Continue reading Question to people who are cross with Rowan Williams

Juvenile senile delinquents

There's a criminal trial going on at the moment that's interesting on three levels: 1) 'pensioner dies in attack on home' - the usual tabloid-friendly, 'you're not safe from hoodlums even in your own house' story of an old man who was tracked down and harrassed after a road rage incident by the other party's … Continue reading Juvenile senile delinquents

On Tescopoly…

My comment, reproduced from over at Jamie's: I always find it a bit weird that people with leftie leanings tend to favour small businesses over big companies, even though small businessmen tend to be worse-paying, more anti-union, more likely to break employment law, and more socially right-wing than big firms. See also: Pierre Poujade, Jose … Continue reading On Tescopoly…