Automatic comment generator

This is an absolutely superb generator of ignorant nonsense. It’s nominally a tribute to the BBC’s Have Your Say, but is quite an effective simulation of most right-wing blog comments.


Twas ever thus. here come the pc brigade and the nanny state! Gordon Brown is going to put us all in Death Camps. It is vital that we string them all up. Why did nobody listen to Enoch Powell all those years ago?!!

Gordon Clown Out Now England

4 thoughts on “Automatic comment generator

  1. Private Eye's equivalent feature is one of the better things to have appeared there in recent years.

    I've posted a few of them and the link onto a forum which is densely populated with the kind of clowns who think 'I read in the Sun this morning' is a good start to a thread. Let's see what happens when they discover technology can do their job. Luddite reaction?

  2. That's diabolical plagiarism, that is! I wrote that paragraph at least 17 times last year in different 'Comments' boxes. I shall consult my lawyers instantly.

  3. It is good, but the first comment I saw was by "Zionist Elite Run UKKK Birmingham", which is unmistakably CiF left wing.

    Unlike this bit of fun, a CiF comment generator would be too ugly for any humane person to program – stop-the-world xenophobia replaced with totalitarian genocide.

  4. It seems at some point all comments will be written by AI software.The point is everyone is so concentrated in building links that I’m afraid we will need automatic software to read the blogs for us….

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