Electoral impairment

Two things are going to impair my analysis of this election: brennivin, and my landlady’s inability to make the wi-fi work. On aggregate, however, I’d rather be spending it in Iceland than pretty much anywhere else.

update: yeah, that pretty much worked. been liveblogging on lc, will link sometime. Yay Obama, yay the American people, yay worst fears averted; let’s see how landslidey it goes, how the senate looks, and then what gets done afterwards…

One thought on “Electoral impairment

  1. Mr Band — it certainly isn't your victory! I do recall your earlier website, "Shot By Both Sides", in which you made it clear that it doesn't matter to you what happens in American politics, since the U.S. is "Saudi with better shopping." The same site in which you lovingly detailed the hi-larity of an obese woman with an American accent falling down in a public place. Sure, "Yay American People" For the millions of us who are able to vote in the U.S., and for whom ridding our country (and the world, yes, but our country first) of Bush was the object of so much passion and effort over the last eight years, it's not quite so quick and easy to forget your history of ad-hominum nastiness toward anyone who dared be so crass as to hold U.S. citizenship.
    Please. Mr. Obama is our President. We worked our asses off to get him elected, and I for one maintain high hopes for him. But keep your comments to yourself, and please don't tell us how you finally approve of the way we're running our affairs. Too many insults have already been piled on the injuries, John. We are estranged peoples.

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