3 thoughts on “Why I love Crooked Timber

  1. I don't often differ, but with respect I do on this occasion. This is a bog standard CT article, criticising people who have had extreme experiences for contemplating reactions that the (frankly more fortunate) denizens of CT wouldn't themselves contemplate. In this instance, a man whose family are unjustly slaughtered in WW2 comes in for comment for merely contemplating something more than the CT-approved reaction – despite the fact that he in the end behaves in the CT-approved manner.

    In the end, he takes no action at all, which isn't enought to save him from CT censure 60 years on. Forgive me, therefore, for saying that, contrary to your title, this is why I hate Crooked Timber. Lack of empathy doesn't come close.

  2. He isn't. Which is one of the various reasons why JH's comment perplexes me so much – Jozef's 'behaving in the CT manner' is held up as leading to injustice, and it's far from clear from Mandle's write-up that he would've slated him had he taken more direct revenge, given the absence of an effective criminal justice system.

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