The uniforms were also pretty

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I’m not sure I can vote UKIP: rather like voting for Hitler because you like his re-armament policies and hope that the bit about the Jews was mostly for show..

Starting a single-issue party that’s obsessively dedicated to ending a flawed-but-democratically-elected transnational institution’s influence over what happens in your country by no means proves or entails that you’re a xenophobe. And the fact that there’s smoke pouring out of your dashboard by no means proves or entails that your car’s on fire.

Oh, and out of fairness and accuracy I should also point out that Green healthcare policy is mental-bordering-on-evil. I can see the point of voting for either party if you’ve given up on everyone else on the right/left, but do so while being very aware that if either were elected now, they’d be significantly worse than any of the big games in town.

4 thoughts on “The uniforms were also pretty

  1. I'm still a twat, I'm still banned, and I'm actually slightly more pretentious than in my previous comments.

    JB note: edited for style

  2. I voted Green even though their healthcare policies are straight of of Postmdernism 101. If there was a punkscience party or if I could be arsed to start it, clearly I'd vote for that as all the policies would be perfect and utopian. However, there isn't so I'm not. Who to vote for is a pragmatic decision. All political parties are run by humans and so their manifestos are Curate's Eggs. The party you end up voting for is the one which, on balance, you feel most confident of doing the right thing.

    Just thought I'd point that out.

  3. "a flawed-but-democratically-elected transnational institution"…

    Since when has the European Commission been "democratically elected"? I know that the European Parliament is, but it's just a talking-shop and has sod-all "influence over what happens in your country".

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