Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-07

  • UKIP aren’t just comedy loons, they’re lying bigots: #ukiparetwats #
  • Green Party in ‘don’t understand decentralised decision-making or economics; are hacks’ shock: #
  • Eric Moody may be an ex-BA captain, but he’s also a disgraceful rentaquote hack: #
  • CNN were reading off messageboard posts from an unmoderated aeroplane fans’ forum last night as expert commentary on AF447 #
  • …so @themanwhofell on right track with ‘TWITTERNEWS’, TV with unsubstantiated news snippets broadcast by admin clerks in NW11 #twitternews #
  • Heh: RT @qwghlm Yeah I’m also watching my DVDs of LOST tonight for full poor taste experience #
  • RT @qwghlm Since voting for a minor party is our best hope of keeping out the BNP, I’m seriously considering voting Labour tomorrow #
  • Good night. Strange night. Suppose that’s how it goes… #
  • Haha, survivalism at its best RT @widnblog Chinese billionaires build Noah’s Ark to tide over recession #
  • RT @twentymajor When will celebrities learn that strangley wanks are best avoided? Or at least have someone do the strangling for you. #
  • RT @ironmanrecords good to see BNP candidates get extra use out of suits they normally just use for court appearances #theBNParetwats #
  • 92% of London Daily News readers in ‘are paranoid idiots’ shock: #
  • Why are ballot papers in alphabetical order anyway? Surely they should be randomised…? #
  • & yup, just voted. Decided that ‘not corrupt’ and ‘not evil’ trumped ‘sensible about medical science’, for an EU seat at least #
  • Can’t believe people still care about this shit. It’s even more tedious and dated than Westminster politics #bb10 #
  • YES, THIS! RT @emeraldbile How tedious – all those Labour chavs who diddled the pin money are leaving or something. Yawny yawny cunt cunt. #
  • Water ‘wet’: #
  • For anyone who voted BNP on Thursday, this:
    #thebnparetwats #
  • If you liked Happy Tree Friends, this: #
  • Do not click this link. NSFW, or indeed anywhere else: #
  • Every ninth person in Leicester is a cunt RT @tipexxed 26,279 people in Leics voted BNP, 12% of those who voted. One in every 8.5 people. #
  • The ignorant bastards commenting on this excellent article should all be hanged: #
  • I’m not, in general, a fan of Tory politicians, but Mary Scanlon MSP is t3h excellents: #

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One thought on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-07

  1. "Decided that ‘not corrupt’ and ‘not evil’ trumped ’sensible about medical science’, for an EU seat at least"

    I take it you did the green thing, then? Good man. We need people like you to keep the chakra-wielding tree-huggers in check.

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