Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

  • Any puritan/moralist types want to explain how this warrants criminal prosecution, rather than ‘best get a new career’? #
  • RT @AdamBienkov: #Tories will prolong your misery shock #
  • I’d forgotten that neocons described themselves as ‘liberals mugged by reality’. Struggling to think of a group less acquainted with reality #
  • Clue is a very silly film. #obvious #
  • Harry Hutton is on excellent form re: the poor sod who got blackmailed in Russia: #
  • What could possibly be worse than NHS NPfIT? The Tory plans to replace it with MS and Google, of course: #aaaaaaaaaaargh #
  • For ‘if my aunt had a cock she could be my uncle’ values of ‘could’, perhaps: #
  • RT @benparkatbjs Why Britain is better than America: (via @TACJ) #
  • A prize for the first spotting of an idiot Tory using this headline as an argument against gay parenting: #
  • Thanks to Alan Coren’s genes for making possible the most entertaining 90 minutes of my evening #
  • Yes, i’m willing to prostitute myself for Florence & The Machine tickets #LDNcomp #
  • How’d it get to 2pm? Those were some of the fastest five work hours ever… #
  • Union forces to declare war on secessionist California: #
  • RT @davidsteven: At least if #swineflu evolves into something more deadly, creationists are going to be safe (via @bloggerheads) #
  • US justice in no sense gibberingly, insanely harsh: 4 years for minor theft from commercial premises (via @mrpower) #
  • That’s theft worth £1000, or 2 weeks’ work at average wage -so 4 weeks jail might just about be fair. Any more obviously loony. #
  • 2 of my best friends ever have just successfully created another one of them. Yay! Fair to point out one did more work than t’other I guess #
  • I’d vote for the Legislative and Executive Movement of Our Nation Party. (from via @dnotice) #
  • Why does ‘bring forth men-children only’ quote come to mind? #
  • Fnarr. Also, sounds really quite fun: #
  • Bored of timber #
  • RT @themanwhofell My first act as Lord Mayor of Twitter will be to ban hashtags. #banhashtags #
  • Powdered baby milk *saves* lives by preventing mother-to-baby AIDS transmission #competitivegeekbaiting (inspired by @griefoftwats) #
  • Bob Crow teaming up with black cab drivers: #nazisovietpact #
  • The Romans are a bunch of pansies and the Huns will kill you all within a few generations #competitivegothbaiting #
  • RT @hungbunny In case the Ashes and Tour de France aren’t thrilling enough for you, there’s 11 hours of golf on BBC2 today #
  • Catholic schools in ‘favouring Catholics’ shock: – what religion is the Pope again…? (via @mattwardman) #
  • The end times are upon us – RT @bigdaddymerk From bad to worse: Jo Whiley to lose radio 1 slot to Fearne Cotton. Jesus. #
  • I’d forgotten how much of a cock Dan Hardie can be: #
  • Murder FACT: the 18 million people of New York City and New Jersey last year committed 50% more murders than the 60 million people of the UK #
  • This is weirdly hypnotic: #
  • So I got drunk last night, woke up at 6AM feeling fine, and have been awake and alert for hours. Why does that never happen on work days? #
  • Amazon deletes 1984 from customers’ Kindles: #
  • Comment #5 here is WIN: #
  • The slightly confused-seeming doctor who does the History of Surgery programme on BBC is the absolute Don. #
  • Juno is the sweetest film ever, and Mitchell & Webb are comedy genii. Also, alcohol impairs my critical faculties. #
  • Very much enjoying live-wrestling tweets from @ladymcscamp #
  • Damn right: RT @tygerland “Can marriage mend broken Britain?” Sorry, BBC, I don’t accept the premise of the question. Britain isn’t broken. #

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