What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-10-04

  • Much left-web sillyness re Polanski. If you think 'rejected prosecution accusation' = 'fact it's reasonable to assert', go read the Mail… #
  • Joy in heaven over 1 sinner who repents? RT @antonvowl Sun Hillsborough disgrace was before it backed Labour. They should've complained then #
  • It's amusing, for some values thereof, to know that most lib-bloggers would happily have committed Oscar Wilde to jail… #
  • (it being unequivocally established that Mr W was a fan of teenage boys. Yes, they *might* have all been 16+) #
  • Enough of that. I'm sure the next moral panic'll be some Daily Wail nonsense we can all agree on. #
  • meanwhile, "a commission has determined Georgia started last year's war". I await their findings on bears, Popes. #
  • Why is "estate agents in Dungeness focus on nature park not power station" a headline story on BBC World Service news? #bears #Pope #
  • "committed suicide" = "bad person"; "took own life" = good-ish person #tritedocumentaryconventions #
  • Quite up for a beer with @mrpower next time he's Darn Sarf. Wanna hear his I Hated Them Then Too take on more 70s icons, in over 140 chars #
  • Is it the NME Awards tonight? – RT @realnickgriffin sitting down to watch the MOWOs #
  • Didn't my tweet last PM "He's a filthy old man who had sex with a young girl, shouldn't have, and should be punished for it" make it clear? #
  • Time to make "Asian Babes Hotline" ad! RT @kingblues: BNP freephone number 0800 0086191, every call will cost them (via @Ladymcscamp) #
  • A quiet night in Hyderabad. Like every night in Hyderabad, in fact. #
  • Celebrating Gandhi's birthday with a beer and some meat. #culturalinsensitivity #
  • Right. Work done, B3TA read, bedtime it is. Terrifying trendy Mumbaikaar clubbing tomorrow, apparently. #
  • Met some interesting vendors of posh-looking custom solar panels. Ideal for the Cameroonite in your life… #
  • Don't let the door hit you on your way out, dear: http://bit.ly/6KqWP #
  • Against my better judgement, being roped into Facebook-based farm games. #thingstodoonarainyIndianSunday #
  • Dear God, this is awful even by their standards: http://bit.ly/ei2ZX (via, like, everyone) #
  • Ooh yeah: http://bit.ly/1tkgJl – #newsportsfor2010 #
  • I save them for women's beach volleyball, myself: RT @sarabedford Watching X Factor to find out the finalists. Got the tissues ready! #
  • Actually quite glad to be in a developing-world airport and not in front of telly tonight #xfactor #
  • …especially as said airport has become appreciably more developed in the last 6 months. 30 mins entrance-to-lounge good by any standard #
  • No upgrade tho. Again. Next regular-long-haul-flights job, J-class goes in the contract… #
  • Mumbai Sapphire and tonic truly is drink of gods. didn't have anything like enough gin this summer #
  • "I Drove All Night": sweet love song when by Cindi Lauper, creepy rapist song by Roy Orbison, crime against humanity by Celine Dion. #
  • And people suggest the BBC is *left*-biased? http://bit.ly/4ej88x – repetition as fact of Cameron's lies #
  • Things that I am in: uncomfortable cramped chair surrounded by strangers. Things that I'm not in: aeroplane. #
  • Places that aeroplane is not in: here. Places that aeroplane is in: the air, having previously landed in the wrong bloody city #
  • Things that I am not: pleased. #

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-10-04

  1. It's amusing, for some values thereof, to know that most lib-bloggers would happily have committed Oscar Wilde to jail… #

    If he'd drugged 13-year-olds who'd been pimped by their parents and raped them while they were crying and begging him to stop, then yes. Even in 1898 or whenever. Hilarious.

  2. This has been done-to-death, but my point was that RP was convicted of consenting sex with someone underage who'd been pimped out. Which is a pursuit that OW, fairly unequivocally according to his biographers, also engaged in.

    Yes, the offence that OW was actually convicted of was against someone overage, albeit still in their teens and not-exactly-madferit (Wilde is on record as saying Bosie let him do it because it's the sort of thing he thought you ought to ought to let chaps who love you do). And yes, RP is accused by many commentators of actual rape.

    But in both cases, what we *know* is the case is that they had exploitative sex with people under 16 – Wilde with young rent-boys and Polanski with the girl in question.

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