What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-10-18

  • now using MySkyStatus – http://MySkyStatus.com/ #
  • Duncan Bannatyne: prick – http://bit.ly/FkAyr #
  • "I agree with C Hitchens that champagne among 4 most overrated things in the world, with lobster, picnics and anal sex" http://bit.ly/1pD6n8 #
  • (note to self: do not go on a champagne and lobster picnic with C Hitchens) #
  • New rule of thumb: anyone who uses the term "simples" is an idiot who can safely be ignored and/or horsewhipped #
  • Denying Poles' involvement in Holocaust isn't as bad as Holocaust denial, but still pretty vile: http://bit.ly/Hto4o #yayFry #booCesarani #
  • disappointed to miss @herring1967's live solo podcast, and this is my last Monday in the UK for 3 weeks. eh well, fun night anyway #
  • my cleaner charges gbp45pw = gbp2340pa for 2-bed flat. agree with @krishgm on this. #thescandalistheincompetencenottheexpenses #
  • In case you aren't following @realnickgriffin, do. NB 'real' may be artistic license #
  • delighted to see the planib #
  • delighted to see libel laws protecting fine #trafigura folk vs implication they may be callous bastards who'd let Africans die for a few $ #
  • Injunctions evil. Civil law shld be 'you did this, it hurt J Bloggs, pay him some $', not 'you might do this, but you'll get jail if you do' #
  • Alex Massie great, eg http://bit.ly/QY81H – but only matter of time b4 Speccie notice he's not identikit Bufton-Tufton & fire him #Trafigura #
  • Finally, an area where Tory policy is unequivocally better than Labour's: http://www.nfrnonline.com/item/949/23/5/3 #stillnotvotingforem #
  • Check out "Let's Gag Carter-Ruck" on Oct 15th. RSVP at http://twvt.us/gagcarterruck #gagCarterRuck #twvt #trafigura #
  • RT @chickyog #trafigura is trending. #
  • Haha, nice: RT @LonelyWonderer Are British libel laws #toxic and should we give a #CarterRuck ? http://bit.ly/3tBM9y #trafigura #
  • RT @PressGazette Guardian gagged from reporting Parliament http://bit.ly/2fMMOs #
  • If you pay a 3rd-world co' to do something and they don't, is it necessarily your fault – or is that a bit of a colonialist assumption? #
  • That part of original Grauniad piece also a bit ropey: http://tr.im/BC9v "unqualified local man" had a government hazardous waste license #
  • …none of which excuses the gagging attempts, obviously. Oh, and nice to see Carter-Ruck trending #trafigura #
  • It isn't illegal to buy booze and *give* it to kids, only to *sell* it to them. Disturbing that booze retailers don't understand the law #
  • RT @chickyog I'd like the whole world to know about my blog. How much do Carter-Ruck charge for an injunction? #trafigura #
  • RT @mrjohnwilkes "You, Sir! Will you with me come to Westminster and fight 'pon the matter of LIBERTY?" #trafigura #
  • RT @nickjbarlow Guardian front page now mentioning #Trafigura and Paul Farrelly – Carter-Ruck now known as specialists in epic legal fail #
  • Does anyone still care about MP expenses? I mean, actually just not want the whole pointless, annoying saga to bugger off #
  • Anyone care to make a defence *in principle* of injunctions? What's wrong with just applying damages in civil cases? #
  • I like this, and suspect it's 90% true: http://bit.ly/OURNC #
  • I hear that @jonnelledge is tipped to be chief photo editor for Playgirl #
  • The Wehrmacht. They lost the war, now they've lost us the quiz #
  • Always listen to your PRs, not your lawyers – Pottinger-Bell was not behind Trafigura's decision to take legal action – http://bit.ly/2u509B #
  • Well, always listen to your PRs on stuff you're doing for PR, which includes libel. On H&S/employment law, always listen to your lawyers… #
  • Iraq. We're not there. We were there once (all-party-endorsed). We also held Calais. Relevance to any current debate is…? #
  • (reference to Afghan debate noted. But saying 'XXX voted for Iraq -> XXX is a war criminal' is moronic, unless XXX is actually Dick Cheney.) #
  • Some Yanks build phones that are nearly as good as Taiwanese ones from 2 years ago: why is this BBC news? http://bit.ly/3afuDD #
  • RT @antonvowl: The penny drops for Londoners. Hilarious straw haired buffoon, great, but right here's where you start paying… #
  • If Parliament were to pass a Bill of Attainder against Adam Tudor, it'd be hard to oppose it… http://bit.ly/2OnXjS #
  • Officious Tube twunt needs fired – please RT: http://bit.ly/1Bwqq7 (via @LDN) #
  • RT @rblandford: http://bit.ly/2cCQJ7 Read this, then RT. Let's see if Twitter can bring down a homophobic Daily Mail columnist. #janmoir #
  • "Mark Speight's death strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of straight partnerships" #janmoir #
  • Just got given a free subscription to the Staggers. Huzzah! #
  • Rude-Tube-man Internet WIN: http://bit.ly/ROw7G #
  • Pub gossip: "that go-go dancer who owned the Spanish kebab shop is now in the Taliban". WIN #
  • That last tweet was courtesy of @thebuddhasmiled by the way #
  • I was planning to get up, but flatmate seems to be watching Coronation Street -> staying in bed appeals #
  • Does a point need missing? Does ignorant bigotry need spouted? Just call Frank Fisher http://bit.ly/jInVh #
  • liam gallagher is in the pub. he's smoking a fag and looking like a grumpy twat #

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One thought on “What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-10-18

  1. I meant to respond to one of those at the time, but missed the cue – Frank Fisher was universally known as PJC on the Guardian talkboards before he went off to become a 'star' [1] of CiF – 'Poundshop Jeremy Clarkson'.

    [1] Almost an anagram of 'twat'. Missing only two letters.

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