What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-10-25

  • Weird lurker Cruise, you are wrong: the Lulu & The Lampshades song is properly lovely, and you have no sense of joy or sweetness #
  • is now departing London Heathrow on British Airways Powered by Lufthansa – http://myskystatus.com/ #
  • Forsaking night out in Hyderabad with former colleagues (now vaguely-sister-company types) in favour of work and sleep. LAME #
  • …in which jetlag catches up with me. Utterly pole-axed, and it's only midday. #
  • Is there a hashtag for "I hate Royal Mail's management, but don't care about posties or whether their obsolete service continues to exist"? #
  • Maybe #unionrightsneedtobedefendedevenwhentheworkersinquestionarecompletelyuseless? #
  • bored in India airport so going thru old txt msgs. #
  • My favourite so far is "Gone 2 meet icelanders after all. If u fancy collecting theremin, post office card & my credit card on dining table" #
  • …and it's 100% truth not euphemism/metaphor/nickname. #
  • Latest exciting airline innovation: handing out card labelled "lounge card" which doesn't actuallly get you into lounge. #
  • drinks with my dad. discovered that messrs Griffin & Winner are alumni of his college. mine are Tolkien & Kristofferson. Not sure who wins #
  • top 5 crazy welshmen: dr william price; gruff rhys; howard marks; dylan thomas; owain glyndyr #
  • Non-UK tweeters (inspired by @themanwhofell's comedy reviews), is Peep Show widely shown outside these shores? #
  • Mmm, sunshine, sea view, next week off… shame I have to do LOADS OF BASTARDING WORK this afternoon, then. #
  • Restaurants: maintain an air of exclusivity by having a website solely in Flash & no-text PDFs, so you don't show up on Google #toptips #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of Q #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of M #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of E #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of [Mr] T #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of [Baby] P #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of [Ali] G #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of H #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of K #
  • #oneletteroffmovies The Story Of [John] B #
  • Have I won yet? #
  • "I was a member of *an* Al-Qaeda, and an almost entirely non-violent one" #latetothegriffinparty #
  • Anyone got the gen on why ex-NuLab Andy Neather is telling BNP-ish lies in the Telegraph http://bit.ly/2Whh6N – pitching for Tory job? #
  • Note to 'very real WWC concerns' eejits: tougher immigration controls mean that *the BNP have won*, even if Griffin remains a derided oaf #
  • Ghetto = 'place where nearly everyone's the same race'. No borough in London is a ghetto. The closest is Havering, which is 95% one race #
  • Voodoo poll by nasty Puritans: do your bit and vote 'no': http://bit.ly/fz1xQ #
  • Bleedin' hell, the appalling Fraser Nelson is now promoting AIDS denialism: http://bit.ly/18AWM4 #
  • Missed this story – http://bit.ly/X69qg – I've previously blogged re: no evidence of forced sex trafficking in UK, good to see it confirmed #
  • outside a third world airport in the middle of the night waiting for my sister to clear customs. this still beats #xfactor #
  • Off to absolutely nowhere for a week: http://bit.ly/3lJ5bk #

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