What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-11-08

  • is now departing Chhatrapati Shivaji International on Jet Airways (India) Powered by Lufthansa – http://myskystatus.com/ #
  • Comment WIN: "Melanie Phillips would accuse her husband of anti-semitism if he didn't do the dishes on time" http://bit.ly/1j1DHn #
  • RT @dontgetfooled Monbiot on the crucial, oft-misunderstood, distinction between being a skeptic and being a sucker: http://bit.ly/f79s5 #
  • New weapon in war on terror: BEARS! http://bit.ly/2G5tui #
  • Things I'm enjoying this evening: @fakeapstylebook, and @nosemonkey's post-Lisbon apocalyptica #
  • Apparently Apple have launched the iPhone in China for usd1000 with no wifi. That's, erm, heroic #
  • Can't believe eejits in India still boycotting #Dow, which bought Union Carbide's assets years after the Bhopal disaster: http://tr.im/E5uV #
  • Yes, I know BNSF is freight RT @gilescoren Warren Buffett has spent $34bn on a railway company. So EVERY carriage will be a buffett carriage #
  • "I've no clue what Network Solutions does or how domain names work, but that won't stop me writing about them" http://tinyurl.com/yl8d9ez #
  • "The white working class have very real concerns" #thingsracistssay #
  • EUrabia. Dhimmitude. The Gates Of Vienna. Islamofascist #thingsracistssay #
  • RT @duckorange #thingsracistssay "Gordon Clown's ZaNu LieBore Broken Britain" #
  • RT @averyps "Why can't we have a white officers' police association? Where's the Music of White Origin awards?" #thingsracistssay #
  • This could, and should, be the basis for a new reality TV show: http://bit.ly/1mXEm9 #
  • In vile mood. Got to get up at 5am for a flight, it's almost 10pm now and 2 hours before I can finish work *scowl* #
  • Racing down unfinished road at 6am on 4h sleep: not good. Home in 12 hours: 'king AWESOME #
  • Pissing on poppies poor show, but *jail*? http://bit.ly/viivC Isn't that the sort of thing we were fighting against…? #
  • is now departing Chennai Airport on British Airways Powered by Lufthansa – http://myskystatus.com/ #
  • BACK IN DA UK. Contemplating checking the microphone, but probably won't. #
  • sheer genius – RT @fakeapstylebook To describe more than one octopus, use sixteentopus, twentyfourtopus, thirtytwotopus, and so on. #
  • I'd sooner burn an actual Damian Thompson: http://is.gd/4O2hE (via @dontgetfooled) #
  • I've signed up, have you? http://www.greateudebate.com/order/ – I'm especially looking forward to forewords by T Kavanagh and F Forsyth… #
  • Do people who use terms like AmeriKKKa or the EUSSR really not understand how stupid it makes them look? Or just don't care…? #
  • Struggling to see why Merrick upset re S Mann – http://bit.ly/2KEN1N – Eq Guinea one of Africa's vilest regimes, so no biggie if overthrown #
  • If he'd been overthrowing an (even vaguely) democratic or liberal government, *that* would actually matter #
  • jetlag, evil hangover *and* a cold. thanks, fate, for bestowing these all on me simultaneously. #
  • wanna go home, but scared of the cold and the tube… #
  • (that's temperature-cold, not aforementioned ill-cold. although latter probably a factor in fear of former) #
  • Thanks, rememberance, etc, to those who fought to save us in WW2 #
  • …and entire 'meh' to those who were paid to do pointless and irrelevant fighting subsequently #
  • Nick Cohen article *epitomises* the unthinking, economically illiterate side of lefty thought: http://bit.ly/2eVK0we #
  • Irrelevant crap about Glass-Steagall? CHECK. Quote from egregious Richard Murphy? CHECK. #
  • I feel *sorry* for ww1 victims, but not *grateful* as whole shebang entirely pointless #
  • Oops, Cohen piece should be http://bit.ly/2eVK0w #
  • RT @ismitim: On twitter "Social media guru" is code for guy that pretends he's a 15 y/o girl on myspace (via @chrissiem) #
  • On Cohen piece, didn't mean to imply all lefty economic thought illiterate – rather, there is a particular strain that it exemplifies #
  • …and while Cohen is a tit, it's hard to deny that he's left-ish rather than right-ish. #
  • Piece daft because: 1) Glass-Steagall has 0 bearing on current crisis (most banks that failed were pure i-banks or pure retail banks) #
  • 2) R Murphy's research mostly hokey nonsense; 3) whole piece an attempt to exculpate craven politicians through whataboutery #

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