15% of people inexplicably weird

Rather depressingly:

Fifty-six per cent of the public agree that “the greatest victims of discrimination in Britain these days are often ordinary white men”

Now, this is obviously false, and anyone who believes it is either deluded, moronic or both. If you’re a selfish white male, however, it’s at least rational to express the belief in the hope that if the myth becomes accepted, it’ll be easier for you to maintain your privileges.

However, only 41% of the population are white British males. So, even assuming that all white males are either selfish or idiots, 15% of the remaining population are so brainwashed that they actually believe this nonsense against their own best interests.

Which is pretty much as clear a demonstration as you’re going to get anywhere that The Patriarchy is still thoroughly in charge and thoroughly shaping political and news agendas.

Ah well. On the plus side, whilst it’d be nice to live in a fair and equal society where attempts to address injustice weren’t met with ridiculous whining from the privileged that conned a sizeable proportion of the oppressed, at least the current setup makes my life easier and more comfortable…

(via Liberal Conspiracy, which points out that at least Twitter users are less halfwitted and bigoted than average. Well, duh.)

9 thoughts on “15% of people inexplicably weird

  1. A couple of logical fallacies:

    1. The statement with which 56% agreed included the word "often". Not "always" or "rarely" or "sometimes". So if I'm discriminated against ten times a year and given favourable treatment ninety times a year, I'd still count those ten times as "often".

    2. You don't have to be a member of a group to recognise that it is treated 'unfairly'. I am obviously not a young woman or a mother, but there is no dispute that they find it slightly harder to get a job and/or have to accept lower pay or less promotion. Ditto non-whites.

  2. 1 – hmm, it wasn't 'are often discriminated against', it was 'are often the greatest victims of discrimination'. If you were discriminated against 10x per year and given favourable treatment 90x, I don't think you could sensibly be classed as 'often the greatest victim'.

    2 – no, of course not, that's why I said 'assuming' all white males are selfish or idiots.

  3. Have you actually looked at the figures for discrimination?

    For instance – look at business support. White males over the age of 30 cannot access any of the other support streams available to others – purely because of them being white males over 30.

    Now look at the benefits system. Again – there is no additional support for males, who are white and over the age of 30.

    This is not really about discrimination though, but the fact that others have additional help. Maybe the way to create a level playing field is to remove all the other services – make it just as difficult to everyone as the white male over 30 is finding it.

    Personally – this is the route I would take. Nobody should get any additional help or support purely because of the way they look, behave or feel – especially if they were born like that!

    That is real discrimination.

  4. "White males over the age of 30 cannot access any of the other support streams available to others"

    I just checked here, and white males over the age of 30 have access to a wide range of state funding options for business, as well as finding it easier to get funding from commercial sources than under-30s, women and ethnic minorities.

    "Now look at the benefits system. Again – there is no additional support for males, who are white and over the age of 30."

    More to the opint, there isn't any additional support for femals, non-whites or under-30s. There is additional support for single parents of both sexes and all ethnicities, for disabled people of both sexes and all ethnicities, and for children of all sexes and all ethnicities.

    (well, would be all ethnicities except that most new immigrants come over on a non-recourse basis, and so aren't eligible for benefits at all until they've gained permanent resident status…)

  5. F0ul, have you stopped to consider *why* the other groups have such support…? Is it, possibly, because white males have a built-in advantage by dint of simply being white and male? Those other services are attempting to level the playing field – by removing them you simply entrench the status quo, which is that white men have the advantage.

  6. "However, only 41% of the population are white British males."

    Are you sure about this? The spreadsheet you link to specifies 42,737 million "White British" out of 50,762 "All groups". Although I can't find information for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland there, I'd be surprised if their population dynamics were such to shift the proportion down to 41%.

  7. It's East European and Irish men the public is referring to, clearly, as one can tell by the use of the word 'ordinary'. There's nothing ordinary about us, surely?

  8. It's pretty ironic that these jokers consider they're being discriminated for their gender and their skin colour. If I was in charge, I'd have them all horsewhipped for being a bunch of whining pussies. You see this stuff a lot on right wing blogs – people who think everyone else should bear insult and injury without complaint, yet collapse into a blubbering mess when they contemplate their victimisation as some of the most privileged individuals on the planet.

    Plus, do recall the examplar of the whining pussy mode, as coined by that arch-whining pussy Jonah Goldberg: The white male is the Jew of liberal fascism. Priceless.

    Really, folk like that are a damn good reason why we should rehabilitate words like "Retard" from the realms of political incorrectness.

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