What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-11-22

  • Slightly late to #PaulClarke – as far as I can see, everyone did their job except the jury, who are scum and need crucified. #
  • That's not quite fair – clearly whoever pressed charges is an arse, but this is exactly the kind of case that juries are for. #
  • Oh no: Ewar Woowar is ea! #
  • RT @duckorange No funeral for poor, dead Edward Woodward. They're just going to burn him in a wicker man. It's what he would have wanted. #
  • Hurrah, Ewar Woowar is a trending topic #
  • World O' Irony: @pennyred accuses HP of bullying witch-huntery; HP responds with a bullying witch-hunt: http://bit.ly/4ygyGy #
  • *sigh* – having rejected plans to make LHR useable, the Tories push their BANANA credentials still further: http://tinyurl.com/yjumace #
  • AD SALESMEN: if you work for http://www.ship-technology.com, be very careful to enunciate your company's name properly #toptips #
  • RT @Oedipus_Lex After a wonderful weekend of lunacy I'm not sure I can face the office tomorrow <- I wonder if he realises it's Monday night #
  • Damn right RT @mrpower We need laws to protect innocent press victims while celebs and others who live by media shld sort it out themselves #
  • RT @gilescoren YESSSSS OKAY! I used to be on [The F Word]. But NOW it's for cunts! <- #dothprotesttoomuch #
  • Encountered touts for this gig http://bit.ly/2s3MIa at Kentish Town on way home yesterday – had to quickly check it wasn't 1993 #
  • In other news, #Nirvana to reform with bloke from Silverchair as lead singer #
  • Yup, in worst retail recession ever I'm *sure* new premises hard to find, and this isn't just compo-chasing excusery: http://bit.ly/3gl4ym #
  • In approximately one day I'm expecting my 227th follower #bandparty #
  • HAHA, #bandparty comes early. Thankyou, @weaselbacon #
  • Thanks to @steff631, sorry for compo-related dissing of Dean St shopkeepers: 3 months is quite rubbish notice and might bugger small cos #
  • Dog whistle blown, Mail readers respond (see comments): http://bit.ly/7bg37 – via @tabloidwatch #
  • Lesson from Deanstreetgate: next time I'm in a cafĂ© that's scheduled to be knocked down for a Grand Projet, I'll tell them just in case… #
  • RT @OtherTPA: New post: TaxPayers' Alliance – experts on child abuse, sentencing, plumbing http://bit.ly/3KiLhk #
  • Sad to see @newscientist churnalising misleading 'oooh, the children' PR from charlatan Jim Gamble: http://bit.ly/2pOBrZ #
  • Sure, it's always easy to be a sneering libertarian – but I'm struggling to disagree with Mark Wadsworth on this one: http://bit.ly/1s7eeI #
  • Now the bloody Grauniad is giving space to notorious charlatan Jim Gamble to push his nonsense http://bit.ly/47Z1SV #grrr #
  • …although commenter SD1000 wins the thread, with 100% Depressing 100% Truth: http://bit.ly/1raGie #
  • Meanwhile, an entirely sensible Guardian piece on prostitution – great antidote to horrific McShane-ery http://bit.ly/DbSCx #
  • RT @sun Good night London! I will be back in 15 hours, 22 minutes <- #depressing #bloodywinter #
  • Haha, @themanwhofell has the right take on the current copyright-hysteria-over-nowt Twitscarefest: http://twitpic.com/q44ac #doctorowisatwat #
  • Great @Heresy_Corner piece on how a clampdown on driving would do us all good, global warming or no: http://bit.ly/145nOJ #
  • N London has a blue plaque on every wall saying someone lived
    there; S London has a yellow sign on every corner saying someone
    died there #
  • RT @Glinner: The Sikh guy in the BNP must be getting sick of putting shit through his own letterbox #
  • baby and its owners successfully dispatched; now drinking with single 30something reproductive failures. feel less inadequate. #

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