Back to the coal face

Holiday over; new life commencing. As the twitter updates might testify, I now have an Australian flat, bank account, enormous selection of IKEA furniture, etc (not quite a driving licence yet, due to bureaucratic stupidity, but it’s on the cards).

This should (both in the moral sense and in the predictive sense) mean a return to regular blogging rather than microblogging via Twitter updates. I also need to redesign the site to be a bit more professional-showcase-y (not affecting the core blog writing, don’t worry – although some of the more business/economics-y stuff might end up shifted to another ‘professional’ blog, if I get around to it and can make WordPress work the way I want it to.

But basically, hello again. Also, anyone know any good Australian business/economics/generally worthwhile blogs?

6 thoughts on “Back to the coal face

  1. Oh, so you want this blog to show your respectable side? Well, arse! I think one just finds blogs by following links. There's a google thing for seeing how links to you (is it link:url?); see who links to Australian FT equivalent for hints.

    If you're going to go all pro on us, I, for one, will miss the ranting stuff. Especially as it would come around lunchtime :)

  2. @Dave – no, plan is to set up a serious blog but also keep up the ranting – I figure if anyone's upset by the kind of stuff I've posted here over the last 4 years, I probably don't want to work for them anyway, but that putting new research-based articles on another "here is my clever writing" site isn't a bad idea.

    @everyone – cheers for the links, will follow.

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