What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-03-21

  • Sarcasm aside, seems fair skills-wise -> RT @davecoleDOTorg
    Salary for Palace of Westminster lift attendant: £17277 Salary for MP: £64766 #
  • Sitting on world's most excellent view-featuring balcony. Shortly off to remote island for camel rides. Later will fish for oysters. Oh yeah #
  • Any occasion that involves A. Gilligan being roundly told to get lost is delightful. Hence, this is delightful: http://bit.ly/9kR61i #
  • This I like: http://twitpic.com/18t8xh #
  • Great and sad news – the Koala is moving on: http://goodaftermornings.blogspot.com/ #
  • RT @bloggerheads: David Cameron's head on a stick http://bit.ly/9ihbJd now charting. Please 'favourite' or rate it now to kick it up further #
  • Tasmania is beautiful. Like Wales, but with sunshine. Quick #ebz before bed, then another day of outdoors http://fallenlondon.com/c/35803 #
  • RT @timoreilly the end of publishing as we know it. http://bit.ly/atqhR9 Watch to the end (via @bengoldacre) #
  • Superb piece from @Heresy_Corner on His Holiness The Pope (spoiler: she's not a big fan) – http://bit.ly/aKOQt0 #
  • This is ace. If you had any spare time, you now don't: http://www.bbc.co.uk/onlyconnect/quiz/ #
  • What % of people opposing lack of MP scrutiny of copyright bill were also outraged by Tories forcing MP scrutiny of 3rd world debt bill…? #
  • (I support anti-vulture plans and oppose copyright plans, but that shouldn't affect one's views on procedure…) #
  • We found this chap's card in a café in Cygnet, TA – he's perhaps the most promising new author of a generation: http://bit.ly/c7R6WD #
  • This is not my country, but The Editors are right: http://bit.ly/avd6ki – see also, Anyone Who Doesn't Think Keeping The Tories Out Matters #
  • Actually, I'd go further than that. Anyone who publicly criticises Labour or the LDs over the next 3 months is pro-Tory, and can piss off #
  • I'm not a Labour supporter, but we have an FPTP election pending, and in a Lab/Tory marginal anyone with a soul should vote Lab. #
  • In other consituencies vote for meh, whoever, but anyone who's even slightly progressive/not evil should fucking do this shit #
  • Task for next week: work out which crook is paying these crooks to publish this bullshit – http://bit.ly/azgot9 – reads rather like Spiked #
  • Much as I love the Tube and hate the Tories, closing pointless ticket offices now that everyone has Oyster is actually Not All That Bad… #
  • …alternative is cutting services, cutting refurbs, cutting new trains, raising fares, all of which are rather worse. #
  • For any halfwits thinking of voting Tory because of Labour illiberalism – http://bit.ly/cXoGBv – send-14-year-olds-to-jail-for-shagging-w00t #
  • #ebz Back from Tassie's wild west coast, into the worlds of Internet reception http://fallenlondon.com/c/37559 #
  • is hung over. Yes, I know it's 7:20pm here. This doesn't make me happy either. #
  • Linkous and now Chilton: Not a good month for depressive substance-fond jangly indie types. Hope someone's keeping an eye on Bobby Gillespie #
  • I wonder how much "we won't hang your guys" affected the price RTZ paid…? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8575737.stm #
  • Paralympic Cricket Joke: "was that an LBW?" "Well, not technically, but it did hit the stumps…" #
  • All iPhone apps are gay, so not sure what the issue is here -> RT @MayorWatch New article: Tourism bosses unveil Gay London iPhone app #
  • RT @slideshowbrain
    I'll follow @Patrick_Myles FF's because I trust his brain – Hello @PeterDixie @lilmamisayo @timabrahams @Dion_Star #
  • Steve Hodder-Watt is an arse; whilst I love my new adopted country, its willingness to appease his kind is distressing: http://bit.ly/9DK7Xm #
  • ("his kind" refers to litigious, humourless pro-censorship gits of any race, religion or creed, obviously) #
  • This is good, from young Mr Hari – http://bit.ly/d1HH3D – also applies to my Enyclopedia Dramatica comment from earlier #
  • This doctor deserves 10,000 medals for EXCELLENT SKILLS: http://bit.ly/9lCW11 #
  • #ebz Back in civilisation, & my wireless modem works. Well, Hobart Airport, which is almost civilisation http://fallenlondon.com/c/38131 #
  • Hurrah for juries: http://bit.ly/bQ1qg0 #
  • Christing hell, in a normal banana republic, media sucks balls of the government, not the assholes trying to take over: http://bit.ly/bwBWBv #
  • Venezuela = obvious exception – 1 of the things which makes anyone w/any decency feel some affection for maniac-in-charge #obviousparallels #
  • I love reading @diamondgeezer, but I hate (not solely related to him) this kind of paranoid lunacy http://bit.ly/dBdUYQ #
  • Yes, of course someone who gives a shit can steal your medical records. But unless you're actually Michael Jackson, nobody does. #
  • I think this is supposed to be funny and on S Singh's side, but both are purely based on contextual clues not the text: http://bit.ly/9wCGQ4 #
  • This isn't like my last Clarkson link – most of piece is nonsense – but final para 100% accurate: http://bit.ly/aG4tOF #campBAcabincrewrule #
  • Safari really is the most annoying browser ever. So glad I've got Chrome for day-to-day and Firefox for anything else. Would rather use IE7 #
  • If your name's Slaughter, probably best not get involved in the healthcare debate. The Slaughter Solution is a bit of a branding fail… #
  • Why's the BBC running a non-story about petty vandalism on its international news front page? http://bit.ly/91A5ZA #

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